Wednesday, 7 December 2016

*Dash Quest Holiday Update is now LIVE on Google Play*

Season’s Greetings Dashers,

It’s time to celebrate Dashcember in style! The team has been working hard to prepare an awesome new holiday update for everyone to enjoy. In addition to some brand new items and gear we’re happy to introduce our new “Holiday Gifts” to everyone. Help Dash collect these gifts by defeating bosses in all game modes to win a chance of getting exclusive items for free!

Can you collect all the pieces of our new mysterious Legendary item? Get dashing to find out!

We’re also very happy to introduce our new Party Quests to everyone. Starting in Update 2.6.0, Dashers can team up with players all around the world in order to tackle community goals. Individual players also have a set of tasks they need complete in order to win some new exclusive items. All individual progress counts towards global progress. The more you play the more you win!

We'll be running lots of Party Quests this month so let’s see if everyone can come together to earn something awesome!

Happy Holidays from the Dash Quest team and everyone at Tiny Titan Studios!

- Tiny Titan Dev Team

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Dashcember

Hey Dashers,

The DQ team has been hard at work trying to make Dash Quest as fun and as stable as possible these last few weeks. Update 2.5.5 is now out for Android (iOS to follow shortly) and with it comes our new World Ranking for Daily Dungeons! Run through a Daily Dungeon and see how you stack up against some of the fastest dashers around!

We’ve also taken some time to really focus on fixing bugs and further optimize the game to make sure it’s performing as smoothly as possible. We appreciate all the feedback our community is constantly giving us. It’s a big help and we love hearing from our players.

With the holidays fast approaching we are preparing some awesome new content and competitive modes that will keep you dashing well into the New Year. Dash-cember will be a month to remember!

Happy Dashing and we’ll see you soon!

-Tiny Titan Dev Team

Monday, 19 September 2016

Cloud Syncing and You

Hello, everyone!

We wanted to take some time to prepare a guide for cloud syncing in both Dash Quest and Tap Smiths and spend a little bit of time discussing how the system is intended to be used. In light of some recent issues that some players are having with their game data, we felt it was necessary to try and ensure that players weren't further compounding these problems due to confusion over how to use the tools. Hopefully, this guide will prove useful to some of you.

The important thing to remember with both games is that cloud sync really is more aptly referred to as a "cloud restore". Tapping the 'Sync Data' button in either game will attempt to restore the data that was most recently saved to the cloud via game complete in Dash Quest (ie. your player dies, you quit a gameplay session via the settings menu) or day over in Tap Smiths (ie. before you go to Market after your smithing day completes). There is no manual "save to cloud" solution in either game at present, so tapping the 'Sync Data' button will always prompt the game to try and pull whatever information would last have been saved to the cloud. This data may not match your current game state, and continuously attempting to save data in this manner may result in you having incorrect data after the fact.

The basic requirements for using this feature include a valid Google Play or iCloud account, with the same account being used on all devices involved in the process, compatible devices (Apple data cannot be restored on a Google device, for example), and an active wi-fi or data connection.

With all of that in mind, let's look at a typical cloud sync scenario: someone is trying to restore old data on a new device or alternate device.

In Dash Quest:

*Note: as of update 2.4.2, Dash Quest will now prompt players at the title screen if the game a) finds cloud data, and b) that data appears to be newer than save data in local storage. Players can choose to load this data or not at their discretion, and in the event that players decline, this data can still be loaded via the method below. As of update 2.4.3, we've also updated the button text to read "Restore Data", rather than "Sync Data", in the hopes of clarifying its function for players.

This feature will be most reliable if you ensure you've played the character that you wish to restore just before the sync attempt. We recommend doing so any time you're trying to restore an old game on a new device or to ensure that you last played the game on a version that supported cloud sync. Please note that some older versions of Dash Quest on both platforms did not feature cloud support, so it's always a good idea to complete a game with your desired character on the newest version possible. A Google player who last played the game in February and has since uninstalled, for example, will absolutely not have cloud data available to them.
  1. Start the game on your device. Do not proceed past the title screen.
  2. From the title screen, select settings (the small "gear"-shaped icon in the upper right of the screen.
  3. From the settings menu, select "Sync Data" (pre-2.4.3) or "Restore Data" (2.4.3 or later).
  4. The game will inform you that the cloud data will overwrite current data. If you wish to proceed, tap "yes".
  5. After a moment, the game should provide a preview of the character levels that will be restored. If this data is accurate and you wish to recover it, tap "yes".
  6. If all aspects of the process work as designed, your data should be restored on the current device.
Remember, the last completed play session is automatically saved to the cloud when the player dies or quits the game session. If you start the game and your data is not correct, completing a play session will overwrite any existing cloud data with this new, inaccurate character. Please be cautious and use your best judgment when using the feature.

In Tap Smiths:

This feature will be most reliable if you ensure you've played the character that you wish to restore just before the sync attempt. We recommend doing so any time you're trying to restore an old game on a new device or to ensure that you last played the game on a version that supported cloud sync. All versions of Tap Smiths include cloud support.
  1. Start the game on your device. If it's a new install, the game must be played in order to continue; proceed to step 2. If there is existing data on your device, proceed to step 4.
  2. You must play through the first day in order to sync. Do so as normal, or if you prefer, select the "pause" icon in the upper right corner. From this menu, tap "quit day". This will allow you to proceed to the Merchant screen.
  3. Complete the Merchant screen and return to the title menu. 
  4. Without beginning another session, choose the "settings" icon in the upper right corner.
  5. From the settings menu, select "Sync Data".
  6. The game will inform you that the cloud data will overwrite current data. If you wish to proceed, tap "yes".
  7. After a moment, the game should provide a preview of the smithing level and day that will be restored. If this data is accurate and you wish to recover it, tap "yes".
  8. If all aspects of the process work as designed, your data should be restored on the current device.
If you have followed all of these steps and meet all of the criteria mentioned above and you continue to have issues restoring data from the cloud, there is potentially still an issue and we'd like to hear more from you. Any information about your device or circumstances could assist us in resolving the issue for other users and potentially yourself. Please direct support inquiries to

Please understand that we want to ensure these systems are as reliable for players as possible, but we have not been able to reproduce them during our test cycles. It's critical that we learn any information we can about replicating the issues so we can effectively address them. We're tremendously appreciative to our players who've reached out so far and hope we can resolve these issues for everyone in the very near future.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Dash Quest 2.5.0: Notes

Dash Quest Update 2.5.0 will be available later today (09/09/2016) on both platforms, and will add some new new content and features. Let's take a closer look at what to expect, shall we?

New Dungeon

Haunted Cemetery will go into the Daily Dungeon rotation, marking our first new Dungeon area in several weeks. This new area features:

  • Interior and exterior locations with transitions between each;
  • A new condition, Curse - certain enemies will inflict Curse with their attacks, causing the player to take extra damage based on the severity of the condition. These attacks can be blocked, or players can use Sacred Charms to decrease Curse effects;
  • A new Dungeon shop item, the Sacred Chime - call down a Holy Smite attack from above to hit several enemies;
  • New enemies, including Acolytes, Ghost Goblins and Infernal Knights
New Boss

Update 2.5.0 includes our first new boss since Dash Quest was released: the Wraith. This otherworldly lady can melee attack with her blade arms, launch Cursed projectile attacks, or summon undead minions to plague our hero. She also has the ability to regenerate her health! Players who check out the Haunted Cemetery Dungeon will get a chance to face off against this new foe.

Updated Revive Mechanics

We've made the Revive window a bit more fun to look at and have added a bit of urgency; there's now a ten second counter on your revive opportunity. Players can still watch ads to revive, but we've also added in an Epic Coin buyout option for those players who are in a hurry or who find themselves with a surplus of those purple coins. 

Choosing to revive will now also grant players a boost. These brief bonuses will provide positive effects once your resurrect, including bonus damage, bonus gold, or other goodies.

We've introduced a Key Item tied to the revive mechanic, as well: the Fairy's Blessing. Existing players who've defeated the Goblin King should receive this item automatically, and for those of you who've been playing Dash Quest for a while, nothing will change due to this item's introduction. Our hope was to give new players a bit more explanation about the revive concept and tie it more closely to the game world. We'll be looking to make similar tweaks to other tried and true game mechanics along these lines in future updates.


The last major addition with 2.5.0 are runes. During your next run through Gloom Caverns, you'll acquire a Rune Tablet and a sample rune to equip. You'll find a new Runes button on the character screen where you can get a look at your equipped runes.

There are four different types of runes at launch: Mana, Health, Intelligence and Damage. Each of these runes can be found at different levels of quality, which will impact the affected stat by accordingly better or worse degrees. There are also common and epic rarities, with greater bonuses for epics. 

If you've equipped a rune and want to replace it with a new one, you can do so, but be careful: equipping a new rune in a slot that's already occupied will destroy the previous rune! Choose wisely! Runes, currently, will also be destroyed when a player chooses to gain a Legend level.

There are no current limits on which rune types can be equipped in each slot, so you can customize your gameplay experience as you see fit. Are you a power gaming mage? Load up on Intelligence or Mana runes, or maybe a combination of each. Is your character a heavy hitter? Stack up the best Damage runs you can find. If you prefer a more balanced approach, mix and match.

Where do players get these runes? All enemies will have a chance to drop a random rune when they are defeated, but more powerful enemies will have a greater chance to do so. Bosses, of course, will have the highest chance to not only drop a rune, but drop a rune of greater quality. 

We'll be introducing new types of runes, new levels of rarity, and runes with unique characteristics in future updates, as well as new ways to acquire them. We wanted to introduce them and whet players' appetites, but we hope to be able to provide a lot of variety with this system going forward.

As always, we've included some small bug fixes and tweaks along with new content and features, but that covers the major additions for 2.5.0. Thanks for playing and happy dashing!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Berserker's Rage Skill Changes

Update 2.4.3 will be arriving for Dash Quest for many players within the next day or so, and in this update, we'll be addressing something that's been a cause of annoyance for players for some time: the Berserker's Rage skill.

For those who are unaware, Berserker's Rage is a skill that gives players a chance to cast Berserk when they are at low health. The skill could be maxed at 5 points for a total chance of 2.5% to proc Berserk under the required circumstances.

The issue for players until this point has been this: our skill code doesn't currently display half-points. The skill in question had originally been designed to max out at a higher proc percentage prior to testing, at which point we found it was occurring far too often. In scaling it back, we made a shortsighted decision and were left with the confusing messaging. Players could spend a skill point in Berserker's Rage and would gain 0.5%, but the skill would display 0 in spite of this.

Our solution in update 2.4.3 is as follows:

  • Berserker's Rage will now max out at a 2% chance to cast Berserk at low health;
  • Each point of Berserker's Rage will now cost 2 skill points each, for a maximum of 4 total skill points to max out the skill;
  • Players who have already spent 5 points in the skill will have the skill maxed out after updating, and will have one skill point refunded;
  • Players who have spent 3 points in the skill will have one point in Berserker's Rage after updating, and will have one skill point refunded;
  • Players who have spent 1 point in the skill will have that skill point refunded after updating
We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused and appreciate all of our players who've reported the issue and expressed their frustration with it. We felt this was the best solution to the problem, in that it would have the most minimal impact on players.

Thanks as always for your support, everyone. Happy dashing!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Update Round-Up: Aug. 22, 2016

In the last 3 weeks, we've put out two large updates to both our main games, Tap Smiths and Dash Quest (sorry, Happy Cube fans). The response to both has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're grateful to our players for their ongoing feedback.

Dash Quest 2.4.2 saw the beginnings of our classic mode update, including new environmental details in Goblin Hills, Dark Forest and Gloom Caverns, some new mid level gear, a new Quest system, events and a slight, long-needed tweak to difficulty in the early game for new players.

Tap Smiths saw the release of 1.1.0 just last week and was the biggest content update for the game to date! It contains six new Smiths (including two Smythical), 14 new Blueprints, eight new Relics (including the introduction of Background Relics to further personalize your Smithy), level 11 and 12 Upgrades, four new secrets and an enhanced prestige system with Trade In Bonuses.

We've been very busy!

Our next updates will provide a bit of clean up and "quality of life" polish for both titles. Optimization, improved UI and small bug fixes are on the horizon for Dash Quest 2.4.3 and Tap Smiths 1.1.1, with some new smiths and Blueprints for good measure. You can expect to see both of these updates within the next two weeks. 

After that, Dash Quest will get a content update. Update 2.5 will continue to add classic mode improvements, but players will also see a new Daily Dungeon and a brand new feature we aren't quite ready to talk about just yet. Stay tuned for more on this update in future posts! 

Be sure to keep up to date on all announcements by Liking us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, subscribing to the Dash Quest and Tap Smiths subreddits and joining our forums

Monday, 15 August 2016

Update 2.4.2 Overview

Update 2.4.2 of Dash Quest went live on Android on Thursday night and is currently in review for iOS,  and it's a big one! A small overview of features in the Google Play Store update list isn't enough to capture all this patch had to offer, so instead we're dedicating a whole weekly blog post to it. What is new in this patch? Lets break it down, point by point!

Classic Mode Revamp

Don't panic! We aren't doing a full overhaul of classic mode. The great arcade style feel and Endless Runner RPG aesthetic is staying right where it is, but that isn't to say we can't improve on it! As you play through Classic Mode you'll immediately notice a change. Dash now runs out of his house at the start of Goblin Hills, and faces off against the Goblin King outside his own hut deep within the Goblin Camp. These new "entrance" and "exit" areas can also be found in Dark Forest and Gloom Caverns, to add a fresh look and bring a bit more character to your gameplay experience.

You'll also notice random events to help the game world feel more alive. You might be swarmed by a colony of bats flying overhead before they swoop down and attack in Dark Forest, or contend with a wave of oozes while blocked by an obstacle in Gloom Caverns. These events have a chance to randomly occur and are unique to each of the stages they appear in.

This is only the start! In the future, we'll be adding more visual flair and random events to the levels in Classic Mode to improve look, feel and player experience, no matter how many times they defeat the Lich.

Also, as some of our players may be aware, we refactoring enemy levels and difficulty a couple of updates ago, and it became clear to us based on your feedback that things were skewing more difficult than we'd intended. As such, we've made some adjustments to difficult and enemy scaling in Classic Mode to hopefully make it feel a little closer to "original recipe" Dash Quest.

New Items

We've added two mid-tier weapons and two new Legendary gear items to the game:

  • Inferno Scythe
  • Chilling Club
  • Trinity Bangle
  • Shield of the Paladin
Our intent is to continue adding items for high-level characters to experiment with, but we also want to address some gaps in the level progression path with gear that's seeded into earlier level ranges. We have new players installing the game every day, and we want to ensure that everyone is getting the best "first game" experience possible.

Quest System

Dash Quest has had a quest system since the game launched, but it was limited and not especially interesting. The new quest system follows a daily system, inspired by the daily task system that we used in Tap Smiths. The new system in the game is intended as a starting point, and we feel it's more simple, sleek and rewarding, and unlike the Tap Smiths quest system, you can still take advantage of these daily tasks without an internet or wi-fi connection.

What new challenges would you like to see appear in the updated quest system? Head over to our Facebook, Reddit or our forums to let us know what you think of the change and where you would like to see it go!


We'd like to take this opportunity to once again apologize to any players who have had issues losing their save files when updating on Android. For those players affected, thank you for your willingness to reach out with reports and details on your situations and for your efforts in helping us try to find a resolution. We greatly appreciate the patience and the continued support of our amazing Dash Quest players.