Friday, 23 October 2015

Patch v1.1.0 for iOS is live!

Patch v1.1.0 is now live on iOS!

If you enjoy the game, please share it with your friends and of course rate/review us on the App Store :) Thanks for playing everyone!

v1.1.0 Patch Notes
 - New Item: Magical Apple - Restores 200 HP or Mana, whichever is lower
- New Gear: Adventurer's Ring - Unlock it by liking us on Facebook!
- New Gear: Crystal Earring
- New Skill: Treasure Hunter - Increases chance for rare item in spots, including Watch Ad
- New Spell: Enchant - Makes your weapon Magical and increases damage
- Added remove icon on item and spell icons that are currently selected
- Fixed some frame formatting in item and spell shop
- Rare item acknolwedgement on game over ad
- Magic damage icon doesnt show up if gear is locked
- Fixed some drop shadows on buttons
- Added icon to item watch ad
- Added icon to gold watch ad
- Fixed quest completed stat
- Fixed bug with animation sprite not lining up or swinging twice visually
- Tweaked some of the gold values on late game monsters
- Added rare item upgrade chance on watch ad
- Spell shop now sorts by req level
- Restore items (potions) now show their values in the shop
- Fixed the comma in some text descriptions that looked like a period
- Fixed some font formatting
- Added a report bug/comment section under options
- Added a dev blog available at:, and a link is now available in game
- Added a 'more options' under the options popup that has more gameplay settings, including Hiding Screen Flash
- Fixed z sorting on candle flame effect in castle 2
- Fixed bug with lich laser attack not displaying
- Added chance for Skill Point potion to be rewarded in epic chest
- Fixed a bug where you can pause and item and spell cooldowns still go
- Fixed a bug with unlocking Titan Lance achievement that caused the game to freeze after defeating lich
- Relic terminology changed to Accessory
- Cleaned up and refactored attributes, removed unused ones
- Increased level cap to 55
- Added auto cast spell support that can trigger on gear, items etc
- Double cast/spell procs no longer count towards stats/quests
- Added second confirmation on erase player
- Put in check to see if any skill point levels are over max, and if so, respec for free to fix the previous glitch


  1. Got all thanks. Max lev and the eq :)

    But need to Look how op the new spell is

  2. Awesome update, a suggestion is that you raise the level cap higher because im already level 51 and 55 will be easy.

  3. Replies
    1. Its just functionality for future content

  4. Fix the blue blobs please, i miss like crazy with magic and i never used to

  5. I'm Lvl 55 got full gear + purple skull icon what do I do now? :)) any more content?

  6. Suggest some! What would you like to see? Different path, side levels, longer path?

  7. Well all those 3 sounds rly fun! + maybe more instance. Keep up the good work :)

  8. Hello, love the game! Patch is cool and works well so far. I had a suggestion that would make the gameplay more competetive: once the player has maxed all skills (the level cap should correspond to this) and after that maximum level the player can still level up and gains small benefits to health and mana, or perhaps other stats. So going from 100-101 would maybe give 5 health and mana. Furthermore maybe at increments of 10 there would be a small increase boosting defence, damage or intelligence. This sort of limitless level under the current framework of the game would allow for more grinding and further distances to be achieved which would create more of a competitive aspect. Getting higher scores would correlate with level more than presently. Currently, at a maxed out level and 50 potions we are limited in the distances we can achieve. But with this suggestion the game would be limitless in progression and competetive play.

  9. Also, if the level cap is limitless more items can be added for those higher level users to purchase at high prices. Potentially boosting the profit margins of your in app sales. You would also have a registry in place with the high score system. High levels achieved by users would be readily available as stats to you in order to create new items for those users on a patch to patch basis.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your suggestions, some great ideas and some things we're already working on for future patches.

      Our concern for limitless levels at this point was balancing. I wanted to make sure I had my bases covered for future updates and keep the power in check for now.

      Rest assured, we are working on more end game play in v1.2, which might entail a new game mode you can unlock and new rewards ;)

    2. The problem I see with limitless levels is the same issue happening in Diablo 3 right now. You need to grind insane amount of hours (to the point where everyone is forced to cheat) to be "competitive" instead of it being about skill.