Monday, 12 October 2015

Re: Lich progression bug

We are aware of the bug after defeating the Lich. We have resolved this and are awaiting an Apple review to get it live. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

If you have not received it, do not defeat the Lich until the next patch (1.0.10)

Do NOT delete your character in an attempt to fix this, please just wait for the patch.

Thanks all,


  1. Hey i deleted my acc alrdy but im nearly as far as i was 👍

    Level cap increase means its possible to go higher than lvl 51? Because im Level 51 and next to my lv its written maxed. Bug ?

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  3. It's a really good game! I've been playing for hours. However, there is a tiny discomfort when keep using the charge attack.The sparkling effect (screen turn to white and turn back) of the charge attack is dazzling. Since the charge attack is often used, the sparkling effect is really annoyed. Please consider change it. Thx:)

    1. Hi there,

      This has been fixed in the upcoming patch, v1.1.0. There will now be an option to toggle it

      Thanks for playing!