Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Patch v1.2 Preview

Hi all,

We wanted to update you on patch v1.2. We are working hard adding new features, fixing bugs and doing general improvements. There is still a lot more we want to do, most notably is the fix for the boss disappearing bug, which we're still trying to track down, but here are the current patch notes:

Current Patch Notes:
- NEW FEATURE: Hero Mode, unlock a new game mode where you can earn Epic Coins to buy special items and gear!
- NEW FEATURE: Pet System, you can acquire pets that can be leveled up and accessorized to help you in battle!
- NEW UI: We're revamping the UI to a more fantasy style
- New Accessory: Wrath Wrists
- New Accessory: Spiked Shield
- New Accessory: Gold Earing
- New Accessory: Golden Egg
- Added a new leaderboard for Hero Mode
- Increased Max Level to 60
- Enemy damage now increases on completion loops
- Fixed bug with item cool down modifiers
- Fixed bug with crit damage on enemies from any damage source, it now only works with weapons
- Fixed bug with first completion loop, not showing skulls until area 2
- Fixed bug with hud loop icon, also shows counter after 4 loops
- Fixed bug where certain bg objects scroll when popups are active or player is dying
- Fixed bug with unequipping some spells that are in slots
- Fixed bug with xp bar not visually filling up properly
- Fixed bug with z-sorting on certain background objects
- Fixed bug with magic damage on weapons
- Fixed bug with crit damage amount calculation
- Game mode now supports xp earn, gold earn, difficulty of enemies
- Added 'game mode' support
- Buffed alot of attrib values on gear to be more granular instead of larger steps
- Buffed ??? stats on Mysterious Mask
- Nerfed HP boost on Titan Lance to allow for more room for future gear
- Nerfed Track Suit bonus values
- Nerfed damage amounts on: Ranger Sling, Power Glove, Mysterious Mask.
- Flashing effect removed on 'unequip'
- Intro animations now reset properly if you start a new character
- Attributes now account for pets and pet charms
- Gear attribute value symbol now shows + or - if no comparison. i.e. Instead of Luck 1, it says Luck +1
- Added check for not enough gold on purchases that will ask if they want more

Happy Dashing!


  1. Replies
    1. We're aiming for release in the next 2 weeks!

  2. Hello first of all this is a great game, I love it you guys did great work, this is one of the most mobile games i have ever played. But i have this one issue, i am using the blade ring spell and its maxed out, i got pretty high intelligence but it deals only 1 damage to knights and swamp boss, is this a bug? How can something that deals 200+ damage to normal mobs deal 1 damage to knights. Thats the only reason i ditched the blade ring spell and i actually liked it a lot. If you can answer i would be very happy.

    1. Hi there,

      This sounds strange - we'll for sure be looking into it.