Friday, 13 November 2015

Patch v1.2!

Hi all,

Patch 1.2 is now Live on Android and in review for iOS and should be live within a week!

Brace yourselves.. Patch 1.2 of Dash Quest is HUGE! Here's the list of goodies coming in it:

- NEW FEATURE: Epic Shop, spend your epic coins here!
- NEW FEATURE: Hero Mode, unlock a new game mode where you can earn Epic Coins to buy special items and gear!
- NEW FEATURE: Pet System, you can acquire pets that can be leveled up and accessorized to help you in battle!
- NEW UI: We've revamped the UI to a more fantasy style
- New Weapon: Lich's Demise
- New Weapon: Zeus' Hammer
- New Weapon: Lunar Staff
- New Armor: Arcane Mantle
- New Armor: Obsidian Mail
- New Armor: Lunar Robe
- New Accessory: Angel Harp
- New Accessory: Mirror Shield
- New Accessory: Magic Ring
- New Accessory: Fire Pendant
- New Accessory: Hero Ring
- New Accessory: Wrath Wrists
- New Accessory: Spiked Shield
- New Accessory: Golden Earing
- New Accessory: Golden Egg
- New Skill: Revive HP
- New Skill: Mega Bomb
- New Skill: Revive Mana
- New Skill: Salvage
- New Skill: Extreme Stamina
- New Skill: Charge Crit
- New Skill: Free Cast
- New Achievements: 8 new achievements to .. achieve!
- Added new Spell sounds
- Added a check for a new version available
- Lich now appears on mini map after castle 1 loop
- Pet orbs can now drop from rare monsters
- Revive HP now a constant amount instead of a percentage
- Added a new leaderboard for Hero Mode
- Moved erase player from character screen to options
- Added HP value on the HUD
- Increased Max Level to 70
- Added a bunch of special graphics where the player reaches max level
- Gear shop now shows an icon next to gear name showing type
- Enemies now are destroyed when the boss spawns
- Enemy damage now increases on completion loops
- Fixed bug with destroying projectiles
- Fixed bug with Twitter score sharing
- Fixed bug with item cool down modifiers
- Fixed bug with crit damage on enemies from any damage source, it now only works with weapons
- Fixed bug with first completion loop, not showing skulls until area 2
- Fixed bug with hud loop icon, also shows counter after 4 loops
- Fixed bug where certain bg objects scroll when popups are active or player is dying
- Fixed bug with unequipping some spells that are in slots
- Fixed bug with xp bar not visually filling up properly
- Fixed bug with z-sorting on certain background objects
- Fixed bug with magic damage on weapons
- Fixed bug with crit damage amount calculation
- Added our own debugger which should improve performance on devices
- Game mode now supports xp earn, gold earn, difficulty of enemies
- Added 'game mode' support
- Buffed alot of attrib values on gear to be more granular instead of larger steps
- Buffed ??? stats on Mysterious Mask
- Nerfed HP boost on Titan Lance to allow for more room for future gear
- Nerfed Track Suit bonus values
- Nerfed damage amounts on: Ranger Sling, Power Glove, Mysterious Mask.
- Feather boots renamed to Swift Boots
- Flashing effect removed on 'unequip'
- Intro animations now reset properly if you start a new character
- Attributes now account for pets and pet charms
- Gear attribute value symbol now shows + or - if no comparison. i.e. Instead of Luck 1, it says Luck +1
- Added check for not enough gold on purchases that will ask if they want more


  1. Really nice update man , can't wait to give it all a try.

  2. So fuckin stupid, Lich just disappears

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