Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Patch v1.2.4 is now live on iOS!

What's New in Version 1.2.4

Following our HUGE 1.2 patch we have a quick update for some bug fixes and minor improvements, including:

- Refactored the boss state code
- Fixed some projectile error issues
- Updated achievement icons
- Refactored the UI scale effect to fix an issue with scaling UI elements sticking
- Fixed bug with Blade Ring damage
- Fixed an issue with cooldowns on spells and items being able to be used when not available
- Fixed bug with critical hit and magical weapons
- Fixed a bug with the achievements for hero mode working on regular mode
- Fixed a bug with reward display for some new achievements
- Fixed bug with scrolling on Spells, Skills and Item shops
- Fixed a bug with flash damage appearing right when you start

Happy Dashing all! As always, follow our dev blog here: http://dashquest.tinytitanstudios.com/


  1. OMG friggin BS... was in the middle of my best ever run with over 500k gold earned and the damn game crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. Luckily managed a screen shot a little before it crashed as proof of progress but the damage has been done.

    I've been playing this game religiously since release, despite all the bugs along the way, but losing such amazing progress, this takes the cake. There's just too many problems with it and I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up on it :(

    1. What build were you using for your run?

    2. I was talking about equipments, spells and pet :)

    3. William, we're grateful for the time you've spent playing our game, and we're sorry for your frustration. The more information we get on the conditions surrounding the crash, the better able we are to investigate what caused it. Thanks again for your patience and for spending your time with Dash Quest!

    4. Wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary when it happened. Was in the middle of fighting the Lich, the game froze and booted me back to the home screen. Tapped back on the game icon and it was back at the launch screen and had lost all my progress. Very disappointing, was at over 500K gold and some 8,000m distance :(

    5. Sorry Belgarionbl, thought you meant which version, haha. On that run, I was using Lich's Demise, Lunar Robe, Mysterious Mask, Pocket Watch, Owl for pet, Recover, Blade Ring and Holy for spells and for items, Elixir, Magical Apple and Mage's Juice.

  2. You didn't fix the boss disappearing bug
    It really annoys me
    Please deal with this problem or else I might the game

  3. We're continuing to investigate the issue with disappearing bosses, and we sympathize with how frustrating it is. Any specific information about the conditions causing a boss to disappear for you -- what attacks you're using, spells, boss attack patterns, your device and OS -- would be tremendously helpful for us in trying to root out the problem. Thanks!

    1. I think i can give you guys some detailed information on the bug i've had to struggle with, i'm on an iphone 4 (running ios 7.1.2) with the new update 1.2.4

      Loop bugs
      The most bugs seem to appear around the second and third loop, haven't gotte past the third lich loop yet because of the lich, gorilla, ooze queen and dark knight dissapearing after using the holy spell, missle spell and also with blade ring once.

      The way the bosses glitch is very strange, i arrive at the boss fight while my holy spell is going on, the boss walks down the path and about 1/3 of the time the boss dissapears after about 200-1000 damage done. Sometimes when holy is still on from killing mobs or whenever i use it on the boss itself. The owl's spell can also glitch the bosses while your holy is active. For instance when you use holy and the owl uses magic missles the boss will glitch and dissapear. Whenever this happens i have to quit because i'm litteraly stuck with no way of dealing damage to te boss.

      The spells i use make for quick runs as i use sprint blade ring and holy, the game has some serious lag whenever holy is use on a mob of enemies. I hope this information helps and i will surely be playing untill you guys stop making content updates :)

    2. Thanks for the detailed feedback, Blood Lust. I'll pass it along to the team!

  4. I have been playing for two days now since the game caught my eye on the app store.

    I must say that sometimes, when you get asked if you want a revive while having a pet, the revive will not work.

    Also, and this is what is most annoying to me, the fact that when you launch a charged attack the screen flashes white is really annoying. It's not healthy for the eyes and truly unnecesary. Please do remove the white flash.

    Keep up the good work guys! Truly a "Tiny" gem in it's own right.

    Maybe you could add more pets and increase the pet orb drop rate?

    1. Hey, Drako! We're glad you're enjoying the game! We became aware of the revive glitch recently and are investigating it.

      The good news is that there's an option to disable screen flash in the settings menu. Start the game, choose your character, then select settings from the character screen, and you should see the toggle for it there. Hope that helps!

  5. will it swap file after upgrade?

    why it is easy to appcrash when a lot of enemy is flood in?(ios9.2,iPhone4s,v1.2.4)

    what the little clock mean sometimes accompany with our leading role?

  6. Hello, some bugs might help you to improve the game, pardon me for my poor english.

    iOS 9.1 iphone6+ no JB V.1.2.4 bugs
    Stuck @ 2nd loop ooze queen/king(classic mode),
    crash at 8009m(loop 8) purple skull 4? right after I kill the lich.(classic mode)

    It seems like if you kill the boss before it hit the end of the road there's a big chance to get stuck, the boss is still there with no hp left, but you just can't kill it.

    And the futher you go the longer it takes to quit the game, sometimes it crashes(above loop 8)

    For these epic weapon with % metor or doom, can they be trigger by spells or melees only?

    It's nearly impossiable to do long runs with v1.2.4 because of these often crash & bugs, otherwise it's a great dash+rpg game, keep it up!

    Not sure about which cause the ooze queen stuck bug, either kill too fast or because of lighting spell? I've done 10 classic runs, 3 stuck on loop1 2 stuck on loop2. But I never get stuck in hero mode.

    1. We really appreciate the detail. Could be very helpful in isolating what's causing some of these issues to occur. Thanks!

  7. o well..waisted 2hrs...same as william there... ran 7k meters, earned 500k, i got bored and sleepy, decided to end the game. pressed quit button, stopped. the game stopped. almost cried. waited patiently for 5 min, nothing happened. decided to restart game, everything i played was gone. i have proof of screenshot when i ran around 350k gold. plz do something or else ill have to look for other game:( but i like the game:(((((((

    1. Hey, rofnf, we're sorry to hear about your issues. We've had discussions about updating the way that the game saves data in order to minimize the impact of experiences like the one you talked about.

  8. Hi, Im playing DQ for a few days, it's very nice.

    I have a couple of question:
    FoA, I thik it's a but, every time I fight the swamp boss, he just walk near me, and stop moving. So to kill him is just spam the attack button during 2 minutes wo the boss doing nothing. Is there any way to solve the problem ?

    2nd question, im probably stupid but I dont understand how to charge. There is several skills/items, talking about the charge, I see ppl charging in videos, I read that ppl play "charge builds"... I search, I try everything I can think about, I can't figure out how to charge.


    1. Hi, Maxime. It looks like somebody already addressed how to charge an attack. As for the swamp boss, yes, we're aware he's having some issues with his attack pattern. We're definitely investigating that for a future fix.

  9. try tapping the screen for about 2secs and release them when ur hero glow

    and for the first question, dont bother. its good that way in the beginning. nothings wrong with ur game.

  10. when I hold the click on the right side of the screen my char cast an energy ball.

    And for the boss it can not be normal, the boss is full life, dash toward me, and stay at melee range without doing nothing from 100% life to 0%. If its not a bug it the worst boss design ever.

    Thanks for your answers