Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Patch 1.2.7 is available on Android!

Version 1.2.7 has arrived with new content, bug fixes and more. Here's a summary of what's new

  • Increased level cap to 80;
  • Added 5 new gear pieces: Veteran's Rapier, Molten Mace, Lunar Amulet, Pegasus Treads and Master Thief's Gear;
  • Added  4 new items: Latte, Holy Bomb, Barrier Scroll and Magic Missile Scroll;
  • Added 3 new skills:  Flame Stoker, Brute Force and Storm Caller;
  • Added a new spell Lightning Orb:  a lightning sphere ricochets among enemies;
  • Added bonus for daily logins and added new achievement: Endurance Runner
  • Added support for spell scroll consumables; buy a single use scroll to cast spells and further customize your character build;
  • Fixed bug with Holy damage not occurring at the correct frequency;
  • Fixed bug with intro chime playing during boss battles;
  • Added Epic Coin Doubler Key Item and IAP support;
  • Overhauled event system and updated current in-game events;
  • Made various UI tweaks and style updates in descriptions and dialogue

As always, follow our devblog at Thank you for your ongoing support, and happy holidays to you and yours on behalf of the Tiny Titan team! Happy dashing!


  1. Replies
    1. The Mitten unlocks as a reward after earning the "Snowball Fight" achievement.

  2. When ios version come out. Why android first

    1. iOS was submitted today. Barring issues on Apple's side, it should be available in about a week. Apple has a lengthier, manual submission process than Android does, but we aim to have updates out every two weeks or so. We're not quite there yet, but we're trying.

  3. I have to say I love this game form the first version.But every time there is an update there is more bug!And some bugs just exist in every version!
    For example,Pet's ablity is still activate during stage complete screen.The rare monster"snowman" sometimes stuck players and just can't be killed.Some bugs I don't know for sure like:I maxed the skill"second wind",but that seems never revive me even onece!(I played many many times trust me)The magic"Berserk" used to be the best friend for warrior type but now doesn't boost damage(or the damage is too small?)......and maybe there is more bug just like what I'v experienced.
    On the oters hand,I have some advice:The ultimate pursuit of Parkour(runing) type game is"sustainable" which means a way of "keep runing",this maybe the players'ultimate goal and also the source of your equipment design.You try to give players many equipment combo,that's not bad but have you test you own design?For example,the equipment with"super range"is completely not helping!worrior type can't reach the BOSS,you give us"+size"and"super range",guess what happened?when LICH'S laser hit us,we lost both"haste"attatck speed and "berserk"size,no attack speed means no super range!That's what happened when mage type can beat this boss very easily in very short time! Some design like this broked game balance badly......When I used the equipment which reduced my mana cost and spell cooldown(which is not the top gear of mage type),I can run 10000m very easy,but when I used the top gear"Lunar"set which is the most expensive in the shop,8000m becomes an impossble job!Don't you think this is very bad for game experience?One more example:when an item reachs 50,any more pickups is wasted,why don't we make this "wasted part"instant used?Is this more "sustainable"?While there is none "Knight's Draught"&"Warlock's Tonic"dropped from the monster,I have to use the smaller potion instead to maintain"sustainable" ......Please design your items very carefully!
    I love your game so I said a lot.Please check your "Dash quest"APP feedback in china.I'm looking forward to a better game experience!

    1. Cuddles, we appreciate the long, well-considered comments. Game balance is a very tricky thing. It's something we try to consider every time we add a weapon or item, and it's something we don't always do as well as we'd like. We absolutely test our updates, but one of the challenges of game development is that we can never completely anticipate how our players will play. There are many things we don't know or don't anticipate that come to light only after an update has been available for several days to the public.

      Glitches and bugs happen, and unfortunately, as the game gets bigger and we add more content, the opportunities for strange things to pop up increase. Frequently, we're trying to update systems to function in ways that weren't originally intended, so building or altering one item has unintended consequences on another. We try to catch these things, but obviously we aren't always successful.

      We really appreciate that you care so much about our game to take the time to comment here. We'll definitely take your feedback to heart, but please understand that we do try to consider all of these angles, even if it doesn't always seem like it. Thanks again.

    2. I fully understand the complexity in this......I appreciate your effort in bring us such a wonderful game!I will always support the Tiny Titan!:)......Anyway I apologize for those Inappropriate tone above and my awful English~

    3. No apologies necessary! Your tone was completely respectful, and we have tremendous respect for our players from all parts of the world who reach out to us to talk about the game.

    4. I agree everything Cuddles mention...

      At this point, all items are pretty useless unless its Mana Potion or HP Potion + Skill Point Potion, everything else does nothing to help you in game...

      Caster are the easiest + fastest way to win, no melee can catch up with the current state of caster...

      The new spell "Lightning Orb" is a terrible spell even at max... The cost does not justify the use of the skill whatsoever...

    5. I don't know you guys would say mage is the only way to go and that Berserk is not the best spell in the game.
      With Berserk, Titan Lance and Mystical Pendant you can hit the Lich with every hit and cancel laser with normal hits.
      Using the Grind Stones Item with Berserk you can hit 5k damage without a critical by the 4th loop and hit the whole screen thanks to random double cast Berserk.
      If you add Resist from the fairy with Barrier and Haste you become pretty much invincible.

      Personnally I jsut think the 500k items and pretty expensive and that the items in the epic shop should receive a serious buff because 1% chance barely ever happen.

      I also find that even with level 6 Enchant and maximum Fire Damage, it still doesn't add much to your damage.
      In fact, most of the time Enchant actually REDUCE your damage because most monsters are weaker to physical than magical damage.

      Thanks for such a fun game Tiny Titan team ^^

  4. Oh,there is one more thing,the game is often crashed in 8th or 9th loop,as result my best distance in statistics still remains in 5892m......It is a pity that I can't post some of my in-game screenshots here to show these problems I talked about.

  5. Level 75 in 2 days xd
    Hey i found an error in th spell "Enchant". Its effect is permanent.

    1. Thanks for passing it along. We'll have a look at it while we're testing for the next update.

  6. still waiting on IOS 1.27 pplease keep this game like super updated. i have purchased no ads to show my support towards the game. was hoping you can hire people to keep the game updated otherwise the game will die due to the such long old updates. keep coming up with secret features. new challenges new stage? new collections? like cards? i dont know. but to keep our curiousity there. to keep wanting us miles exploring. deep into the cave finding rares or upgrading weaponries? or maybe suspensing stories like megaman and protoman? or things like that and make a sequel later on? well i think ive been talking to much and i dont know how to get to the realization point but u know what i mean right.. i just want the game updated frequently with new things to point out. my record is only 8k m. imma big fan xD

    1. Hey, Alfredo! Our current development cycle is approximately two weeks, and we've designed it to allow the Android and Apple builds to overlap; one gets updated one week, and in theory, the other should be updated on the following week. Once we submit to Apple it's essentially a waiting game, and things are a little slower because of the holidays, I imagine.

      The team has actually grown significantly since November, but we're still very small and have a limited amount of resources. That being said, we're very aware that updates drive the game and are doing our best to get our schedule as tight as we can for our players.

      We appreciate you taking the time to comment. We're hopeful we'll get some news on that Apple update shortly.

  7. I really want some competition board it would be nice to have ingame competition where u can browse all ur rivals instead of in apple game leaderboard. That sense we know we not playing alone. Maybe pay apple to promote the game to kept showing on the apps as being top hits. I really have vested interest in this game. Thats why pls pardon my way of commenting as i jus want to improve this big thing. Do you know cookie run by LINE? try to give it a run . Such features really keeps the runner, running . Share to friend feature. To gain more items. that game really puts me around for awhile. Loop stages really to me is slightly dull, we want to face new neemies. Not loops. We want to know whats the end of the world might be. Isit skeleton king? Or frankenstein? Or dracula ahead? The more we curious about the infinite last boss, the more we want to purchase high end items , the richer u are too! And i really wan this last . And i mean it from the bottom of my heart . U can have class hero too. Thief? Mage with diff status or knight. Extra stats Combination of such class with pets? Have a reingeneered game . U will know what i mean if u play cookie run the sense of wanting to play and share to friends are limitless. I hope u have time to reead this in anytime wish you all thebest withwhatever design we honna have i still love dash quest

  8. Hello, I come here to seek advice on how to get far in the dash and how to get coins! My problem is that the furthest i can get is to the first castle then i die! My build is: Doom Sythe, Hero Garb, Sorceror's Orb and Pocket Watch. And my current spells are: Magic Missile(MAX), Blade Ring(MAX) and Holy Beam(2/6). With this build i only get 15K per run and I have only been able to beat the Lich by farming to buy 50 of each potion. Anyone got any tips because im bored of just getting to the 1st castle and dying to those stupid dragons!