Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Patch 1.2.6 is live on Android, and iOS Patch Information

v1.2.6 is here, Android users! It includes some great new content and some some bug fixes and tweaks for you. Here's what's new:
  • Added Bonus System: Now, collecting gear or spells can boost your stats
  • Added support to increase spell max level to 6
  • Added 5 new Key Items (Ancient Grimoire, Gladiator's Coin, Sorcerer's Mark, Medallion of XP, Shield of Favor)
  • Added 4 new gear pieces (Adventurer's Charm, Winter's Edge, Rogue's Kit, Titan Mitt)
  • Added 2 new skills (Sneak Attack and Winter Soldier)
  • Added new spell (Acid Rain)
  • Fixed various minor bugs and made minor UI tweaks
  • Fixed bug with disappearing boss monsters
  • Added saving of gold/epic coins after each area complete; if, for whatever reason, the game crashes, you won't lose all currency acquired
To our loyal iOS players: we wanted to give you an update on what's up over on the Apple side. As we've mentioned before, the app submission process with Apple is lengthier and frankly, a bit of a headache in some respects. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were forced to resubmit our 1.2.5 patch. 

Because Apple won't allow a new build to be submitted while a current one is in review, we had a tough choice to make. Complicating matters is the fact that Apple's app submission team is on holiday vacation from Dec. 22-29, during which time app submissions are disabled.

With those factors in mind, we chose to cancel submission of 1.2.5 in order to submit the build for 1.2.6. We did so yesterday, and our hope is that it will be available before the Apple team takes their break. We're extremely grateful for your patience and know the situation isn't ideal, but we ultimately felt this was our best chance to get you a bigger, better update sooner, with some issues addressed that were detrimental to the play experience for many players.

As always, follow our development blog at http://dashquest.tinytitanstudios.com. We'd like to thank our players for their support over the past few months. Have a wonderful holiday season, and happy dashing!


  1. "Added saving of gold/epic coins after each area complete; if, for whatever reason, the game crashes, you won't lose all currency acquired"

    Oh thanks, I've lose more than 150 000 gold and 350 epic coin with game crashes.

    I only have to wait the ios submition, every update are very great ! ^^

  2. Is there a nerf to the yellow laser as the proc rate seems to be way much lower on lvl 5 compared to last version?

    1. OWL/LIGHT BEAM got nerfed big time (Though the Owl is still the best pet to use)
      I recommend wearing "Beast Cuirass" from epic store and should make OWL a bit better...
      + use Lighting (Lv.6) + Poison Cloud (Lv.6) and it should be ok...

      Lightbeam is pretty much useless at this point...

    2. FYI - We accidentally broke the damage on holy, it doesnt proc as much. This will be fixed in 1.2.7, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    3. Stupidity at its finest...

  3. When you mention "collecting gear", do you mean owning them or actually have your character to wear them?

  4. Dumdums screwing up left n right than delete my posts when I call you out.

  5. Still not out on IOS... Hey TinyTitan staff, go play in traffic.

  6. Sure can't wait for the iOS update, got this game a few days ago, and I was hooked. Luckily I was traveling and had plenty of time to kill! I've hit the Lviv cap, as well as maxed out the skills, working on my 3rd level 6 creature, and working towards purchasing all the equipment. Thanks devs for developing such a fun game!

  7. Tiny Titan there are some iOS glitches such as bosses just disappearing and the 4th boss standing in front the doing nothing which makes the boss really easy

  8. Still waiting for the update in iOS :( i wanna level up to 75 and check all the new things asap ;-;. This game us fun.

  9. The ios update is now here. It's time to see everything that we wait patiently ! ^^