Wednesday, 7 December 2016

*Dash Quest Holiday Update is now LIVE on Google Play*

Season’s Greetings Dashers,

It’s time to celebrate Dashcember in style! The team has been working hard to prepare an awesome new holiday update for everyone to enjoy. In addition to some brand new items and gear we’re happy to introduce our new “Holiday Gifts” to everyone. Help Dash collect these gifts by defeating bosses in all game modes to win a chance of getting exclusive items for free!

Can you collect all the pieces of our new mysterious Legendary item? Get dashing to find out!

We’re also very happy to introduce our new Party Quests to everyone. Starting in Update 2.6.0, Dashers can team up with players all around the world in order to tackle community goals. Individual players also have a set of tasks they need complete in order to win some new exclusive items. All individual progress counts towards global progress. The more you play the more you win!

We'll be running lots of Party Quests this month so let’s see if everyone can come together to earn something awesome!

Happy Holidays from the Dash Quest team and everyone at Tiny Titan Studios!

- Tiny Titan Dev Team

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Dashcember

Hey Dashers,

The DQ team has been hard at work trying to make Dash Quest as fun and as stable as possible these last few weeks. Update 2.5.5 is now out for Android (iOS to follow shortly) and with it comes our new World Ranking for Daily Dungeons! Run through a Daily Dungeon and see how you stack up against some of the fastest dashers around!

We’ve also taken some time to really focus on fixing bugs and further optimize the game to make sure it’s performing as smoothly as possible. We appreciate all the feedback our community is constantly giving us. It’s a big help and we love hearing from our players.

With the holidays fast approaching we are preparing some awesome new content and competitive modes that will keep you dashing well into the New Year. Dash-cember will be a month to remember!

Happy Dashing and we’ll see you soon!

-Tiny Titan Dev Team

Monday, 19 September 2016

Cloud Syncing and You

Hello, everyone!

We wanted to take some time to prepare a guide for cloud syncing in both Dash Quest and Tap Smiths and spend a little bit of time discussing how the system is intended to be used. In light of some recent issues that some players are having with their game data, we felt it was necessary to try and ensure that players weren't further compounding these problems due to confusion over how to use the tools. Hopefully, this guide will prove useful to some of you.

The important thing to remember with both games is that cloud sync really is more aptly referred to as a "cloud restore". Tapping the 'Sync Data' button in either game will attempt to restore the data that was most recently saved to the cloud via game complete in Dash Quest (ie. your player dies, you quit a gameplay session via the settings menu) or day over in Tap Smiths (ie. before you go to Market after your smithing day completes). There is no manual "save to cloud" solution in either game at present, so tapping the 'Sync Data' button will always prompt the game to try and pull whatever information would last have been saved to the cloud. This data may not match your current game state, and continuously attempting to save data in this manner may result in you having incorrect data after the fact.

The basic requirements for using this feature include a valid Google Play or iCloud account, with the same account being used on all devices involved in the process, compatible devices (Apple data cannot be restored on a Google device, for example), and an active wi-fi or data connection.

With all of that in mind, let's look at a typical cloud sync scenario: someone is trying to restore old data on a new device or alternate device.

In Dash Quest:

*Note: as of update 2.4.2, Dash Quest will now prompt players at the title screen if the game a) finds cloud data, and b) that data appears to be newer than save data in local storage. Players can choose to load this data or not at their discretion, and in the event that players decline, this data can still be loaded via the method below. As of update 2.4.3, we've also updated the button text to read "Restore Data", rather than "Sync Data", in the hopes of clarifying its function for players.

This feature will be most reliable if you ensure you've played the character that you wish to restore just before the sync attempt. We recommend doing so any time you're trying to restore an old game on a new device or to ensure that you last played the game on a version that supported cloud sync. Please note that some older versions of Dash Quest on both platforms did not feature cloud support, so it's always a good idea to complete a game with your desired character on the newest version possible. A Google player who last played the game in February and has since uninstalled, for example, will absolutely not have cloud data available to them.
  1. Start the game on your device. Do not proceed past the title screen.
  2. From the title screen, select settings (the small "gear"-shaped icon in the upper right of the screen.
  3. From the settings menu, select "Sync Data" (pre-2.4.3) or "Restore Data" (2.4.3 or later).
  4. The game will inform you that the cloud data will overwrite current data. If you wish to proceed, tap "yes".
  5. After a moment, the game should provide a preview of the character levels that will be restored. If this data is accurate and you wish to recover it, tap "yes".
  6. If all aspects of the process work as designed, your data should be restored on the current device.
Remember, the last completed play session is automatically saved to the cloud when the player dies or quits the game session. If you start the game and your data is not correct, completing a play session will overwrite any existing cloud data with this new, inaccurate character. Please be cautious and use your best judgment when using the feature.

In Tap Smiths:

This feature will be most reliable if you ensure you've played the character that you wish to restore just before the sync attempt. We recommend doing so any time you're trying to restore an old game on a new device or to ensure that you last played the game on a version that supported cloud sync. All versions of Tap Smiths include cloud support.
  1. Start the game on your device. If it's a new install, the game must be played in order to continue; proceed to step 2. If there is existing data on your device, proceed to step 4.
  2. You must play through the first day in order to sync. Do so as normal, or if you prefer, select the "pause" icon in the upper right corner. From this menu, tap "quit day". This will allow you to proceed to the Merchant screen.
  3. Complete the Merchant screen and return to the title menu. 
  4. Without beginning another session, choose the "settings" icon in the upper right corner.
  5. From the settings menu, select "Sync Data".
  6. The game will inform you that the cloud data will overwrite current data. If you wish to proceed, tap "yes".
  7. After a moment, the game should provide a preview of the smithing level and day that will be restored. If this data is accurate and you wish to recover it, tap "yes".
  8. If all aspects of the process work as designed, your data should be restored on the current device.
If you have followed all of these steps and meet all of the criteria mentioned above and you continue to have issues restoring data from the cloud, there is potentially still an issue and we'd like to hear more from you. Any information about your device or circumstances could assist us in resolving the issue for other users and potentially yourself. Please direct support inquiries to

Please understand that we want to ensure these systems are as reliable for players as possible, but we have not been able to reproduce them during our test cycles. It's critical that we learn any information we can about replicating the issues so we can effectively address them. We're tremendously appreciative to our players who've reached out so far and hope we can resolve these issues for everyone in the very near future.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Dash Quest 2.5.0: Notes

Dash Quest Update 2.5.0 will be available later today (09/09/2016) on both platforms, and will add some new new content and features. Let's take a closer look at what to expect, shall we?

New Dungeon

Haunted Cemetery will go into the Daily Dungeon rotation, marking our first new Dungeon area in several weeks. This new area features:

  • Interior and exterior locations with transitions between each;
  • A new condition, Curse - certain enemies will inflict Curse with their attacks, causing the player to take extra damage based on the severity of the condition. These attacks can be blocked, or players can use Sacred Charms to decrease Curse effects;
  • A new Dungeon shop item, the Sacred Chime - call down a Holy Smite attack from above to hit several enemies;
  • New enemies, including Acolytes, Ghost Goblins and Infernal Knights
New Boss

Update 2.5.0 includes our first new boss since Dash Quest was released: the Wraith. This otherworldly lady can melee attack with her blade arms, launch Cursed projectile attacks, or summon undead minions to plague our hero. She also has the ability to regenerate her health! Players who check out the Haunted Cemetery Dungeon will get a chance to face off against this new foe.

Updated Revive Mechanics

We've made the Revive window a bit more fun to look at and have added a bit of urgency; there's now a ten second counter on your revive opportunity. Players can still watch ads to revive, but we've also added in an Epic Coin buyout option for those players who are in a hurry or who find themselves with a surplus of those purple coins. 

Choosing to revive will now also grant players a boost. These brief bonuses will provide positive effects once your resurrect, including bonus damage, bonus gold, or other goodies.

We've introduced a Key Item tied to the revive mechanic, as well: the Fairy's Blessing. Existing players who've defeated the Goblin King should receive this item automatically, and for those of you who've been playing Dash Quest for a while, nothing will change due to this item's introduction. Our hope was to give new players a bit more explanation about the revive concept and tie it more closely to the game world. We'll be looking to make similar tweaks to other tried and true game mechanics along these lines in future updates.


The last major addition with 2.5.0 are runes. During your next run through Gloom Caverns, you'll acquire a Rune Tablet and a sample rune to equip. You'll find a new Runes button on the character screen where you can get a look at your equipped runes.

There are four different types of runes at launch: Mana, Health, Intelligence and Damage. Each of these runes can be found at different levels of quality, which will impact the affected stat by accordingly better or worse degrees. There are also common and epic rarities, with greater bonuses for epics. 

If you've equipped a rune and want to replace it with a new one, you can do so, but be careful: equipping a new rune in a slot that's already occupied will destroy the previous rune! Choose wisely! Runes, currently, will also be destroyed when a player chooses to gain a Legend level.

There are no current limits on which rune types can be equipped in each slot, so you can customize your gameplay experience as you see fit. Are you a power gaming mage? Load up on Intelligence or Mana runes, or maybe a combination of each. Is your character a heavy hitter? Stack up the best Damage runs you can find. If you prefer a more balanced approach, mix and match.

Where do players get these runes? All enemies will have a chance to drop a random rune when they are defeated, but more powerful enemies will have a greater chance to do so. Bosses, of course, will have the highest chance to not only drop a rune, but drop a rune of greater quality. 

We'll be introducing new types of runes, new levels of rarity, and runes with unique characteristics in future updates, as well as new ways to acquire them. We wanted to introduce them and whet players' appetites, but we hope to be able to provide a lot of variety with this system going forward.

As always, we've included some small bug fixes and tweaks along with new content and features, but that covers the major additions for 2.5.0. Thanks for playing and happy dashing!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Berserker's Rage Skill Changes

Update 2.4.3 will be arriving for Dash Quest for many players within the next day or so, and in this update, we'll be addressing something that's been a cause of annoyance for players for some time: the Berserker's Rage skill.

For those who are unaware, Berserker's Rage is a skill that gives players a chance to cast Berserk when they are at low health. The skill could be maxed at 5 points for a total chance of 2.5% to proc Berserk under the required circumstances.

The issue for players until this point has been this: our skill code doesn't currently display half-points. The skill in question had originally been designed to max out at a higher proc percentage prior to testing, at which point we found it was occurring far too often. In scaling it back, we made a shortsighted decision and were left with the confusing messaging. Players could spend a skill point in Berserker's Rage and would gain 0.5%, but the skill would display 0 in spite of this.

Our solution in update 2.4.3 is as follows:

  • Berserker's Rage will now max out at a 2% chance to cast Berserk at low health;
  • Each point of Berserker's Rage will now cost 2 skill points each, for a maximum of 4 total skill points to max out the skill;
  • Players who have already spent 5 points in the skill will have the skill maxed out after updating, and will have one skill point refunded;
  • Players who have spent 3 points in the skill will have one point in Berserker's Rage after updating, and will have one skill point refunded;
  • Players who have spent 1 point in the skill will have that skill point refunded after updating
We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused and appreciate all of our players who've reported the issue and expressed their frustration with it. We felt this was the best solution to the problem, in that it would have the most minimal impact on players.

Thanks as always for your support, everyone. Happy dashing!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Update Round-Up: Aug. 22, 2016

In the last 3 weeks, we've put out two large updates to both our main games, Tap Smiths and Dash Quest (sorry, Happy Cube fans). The response to both has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're grateful to our players for their ongoing feedback.

Dash Quest 2.4.2 saw the beginnings of our classic mode update, including new environmental details in Goblin Hills, Dark Forest and Gloom Caverns, some new mid level gear, a new Quest system, events and a slight, long-needed tweak to difficulty in the early game for new players.

Tap Smiths saw the release of 1.1.0 just last week and was the biggest content update for the game to date! It contains six new Smiths (including two Smythical), 14 new Blueprints, eight new Relics (including the introduction of Background Relics to further personalize your Smithy), level 11 and 12 Upgrades, four new secrets and an enhanced prestige system with Trade In Bonuses.

We've been very busy!

Our next updates will provide a bit of clean up and "quality of life" polish for both titles. Optimization, improved UI and small bug fixes are on the horizon for Dash Quest 2.4.3 and Tap Smiths 1.1.1, with some new smiths and Blueprints for good measure. You can expect to see both of these updates within the next two weeks. 

After that, Dash Quest will get a content update. Update 2.5 will continue to add classic mode improvements, but players will also see a new Daily Dungeon and a brand new feature we aren't quite ready to talk about just yet. Stay tuned for more on this update in future posts! 

Be sure to keep up to date on all announcements by Liking us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, subscribing to the Dash Quest and Tap Smiths subreddits and joining our forums

Monday, 15 August 2016

Update 2.4.2 Overview

Update 2.4.2 of Dash Quest went live on Android on Thursday night and is currently in review for iOS,  and it's a big one! A small overview of features in the Google Play Store update list isn't enough to capture all this patch had to offer, so instead we're dedicating a whole weekly blog post to it. What is new in this patch? Lets break it down, point by point!

Classic Mode Revamp

Don't panic! We aren't doing a full overhaul of classic mode. The great arcade style feel and Endless Runner RPG aesthetic is staying right where it is, but that isn't to say we can't improve on it! As you play through Classic Mode you'll immediately notice a change. Dash now runs out of his house at the start of Goblin Hills, and faces off against the Goblin King outside his own hut deep within the Goblin Camp. These new "entrance" and "exit" areas can also be found in Dark Forest and Gloom Caverns, to add a fresh look and bring a bit more character to your gameplay experience.

You'll also notice random events to help the game world feel more alive. You might be swarmed by a colony of bats flying overhead before they swoop down and attack in Dark Forest, or contend with a wave of oozes while blocked by an obstacle in Gloom Caverns. These events have a chance to randomly occur and are unique to each of the stages they appear in.

This is only the start! In the future, we'll be adding more visual flair and random events to the levels in Classic Mode to improve look, feel and player experience, no matter how many times they defeat the Lich.

Also, as some of our players may be aware, we refactoring enemy levels and difficulty a couple of updates ago, and it became clear to us based on your feedback that things were skewing more difficult than we'd intended. As such, we've made some adjustments to difficult and enemy scaling in Classic Mode to hopefully make it feel a little closer to "original recipe" Dash Quest.

New Items

We've added two mid-tier weapons and two new Legendary gear items to the game:

  • Inferno Scythe
  • Chilling Club
  • Trinity Bangle
  • Shield of the Paladin
Our intent is to continue adding items for high-level characters to experiment with, but we also want to address some gaps in the level progression path with gear that's seeded into earlier level ranges. We have new players installing the game every day, and we want to ensure that everyone is getting the best "first game" experience possible.

Quest System

Dash Quest has had a quest system since the game launched, but it was limited and not especially interesting. The new quest system follows a daily system, inspired by the daily task system that we used in Tap Smiths. The new system in the game is intended as a starting point, and we feel it's more simple, sleek and rewarding, and unlike the Tap Smiths quest system, you can still take advantage of these daily tasks without an internet or wi-fi connection.

What new challenges would you like to see appear in the updated quest system? Head over to our Facebook, Reddit or our forums to let us know what you think of the change and where you would like to see it go!


We'd like to take this opportunity to once again apologize to any players who have had issues losing their save files when updating on Android. For those players affected, thank you for your willingness to reach out with reports and details on your situations and for your efforts in helping us try to find a resolution. We greatly appreciate the patience and the continued support of our amazing Dash Quest players.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dash Quest: Classic Mode Updates

Last week saw our first bi-weekly update to Tap Smiths. More of a pre-patch than a full patch, it did add new smiths and patterns and set up the background code for us to easier update the game in the future. This week, Dash Quest will see the same treatment! Update 2.4.2 will add some new gear, but more significantly, it marks the beginning of our Classic Mode revamp. While it won't be completed in this single update, we'll lay the groundwork for the future. 

Recently, we introduced a new enemy level system designed to help make enemy difficulty more flexible and to keep combat interesting for high level players. It's become clear to us that in the process of implementing this, Classic Mode is definitely feeling harder to both new and returning players than we'd intended. With that in mind, update 2.4.2 will introduce re-balanced difficulty. Along with that, we'll be adding events to the first three levels of Classic Mode: Goblin Hills, Dark Forest and Gloom Caverns. These areas will also see new openings and boss areas, as well as some variation in the areas themselves and a handful of new enemy types. Deadly Marsh, Castle and Dark Castle will see the same treatment in future updates. Our goal was to polish our new player experience and help communicate a little more character in our levels. Many of our players have told us that they want to see more story in the game, and some of the visual cues we've added will, we hope, give those players some new hints to help their imaginations fill in those gaps.

A big addition to Dash Quest in this update is the inclusion of daily quests, designed to replace the current, and very limited, quest system in the game. We're taking a page from our own book (or fax machine in the case of Tap Smiths) and adding in a system for players to earn quick bursts of gold when playing Dash Quest in short sessions. These quests will take place across various modes and will encourage players to try new things while playing for a bonus reward. As more content is released, the list of quests will be expanded and improved upon, but your first taste will be in only a few days!

We'll have a few other updates to Classic Mode in the near future, so check back for more details. If classic mode isn't your thing, future updates will focus more on other areas of the game, like daily dungeons, pets and legend levels. For the time being though, watch your head: this is bat country!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Now Hiring: Senior 2D/Pixel Artist

Who We Are: Tiny Titan Studios is a small indie studio based in London, Ontario, Canada (that's right, not that London). We're the creators of mobile games like Dash Quest and Tap Smiths, both available on iOS/Android and actively supported by passionate players. We are growing, and we're hoping that you might be the next member of our team!

Tiny Titan makes mobile products that strive to bridge the gap between classic retro gaming and modern phone and tablet experiences. The "retro look" is a huge part of everything we do, so the importance of exceptional pixel art and animation can't be overstated.

Find out more about us and our games here:

The Job: Tiny Titan Studios is looking to hire a highly skilled and experienced 2D/Pixel Artist to lead our in-house art team. We're looking for a talented and motivated individual who LOVES to make games to join our team in-house at our London, Ontario offices. As a Titan Artist, your skills and responsibilities would include:

•Establishing visual style of our games
•Designing and conceptualizing characters/environments
•Establishing and maintaining art production pipelines
•Directing other artists
•Establishing quality benchmarks for art team

The Requirements: Our ideal candidate would meet the following criteria:

•Eligible to work in Ontario, Canada
•3+ years professional experience in game industry
•Exceptional pixel and 2D art skills
•Strong animation experience
•Love for the retro video game aesthetic
•Energetic and creative attitude
•Strong communication skills

Please note that our successful candidate will be required to work on-site at our offices.

The Compensation:

•Annual salary, to be negotiated with potential candidate
•Benefits packages and incentive-based bonuses
•Networking events and social outings in one of southwestern Ontario's biggest game dev hubs
•A totally awesome office dog/mascot

Does this sound like your kind of opportunity? We would be delighted to hear from you! Please email with a link to your art samples or portfolio. Please note that Tiny Titan will only be contacting potential candidates from our pool of applications.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Now Hiring: Senior Back-End Programmer

Tiny Titan Studios is seeking an experienced back-end programmer to join our growing team. This individual will be responsible for working alongside the studio director and production teams in setting the bar of technical excellence for our games.

Duties of the position will include, but not be limited to:
  • Establishing impeccable code and programming standards for all Tiny Titan projects
  • Ensuring excellence in network performance and reliability for multiplayer projects
  • Participating in planning sessions and assessing code requirements for development sprints
  • Writing and maintaining reliable, reusable code for a variety of projects
  • Managing a small programming team, developing strategies and delegating tasks as required
  • Documenting code standards and practices for reference by team members and management
  • Concepting and developing tools to streamline development processes for teams from multiple disciplines
  • Minimum of three (3) years professional experience in a senior programming role
  • Adept at C/C++/C# programming languages 
  • Shipped at least two (2) mobile titles on iOS and Android platforms
  • Experienced full stack developer with front and back-end network knowledge
  • Thorough knowledge of and experience with Unity
  • Multiplayer game architecture experience with solid understanding of network protocols, client/server and peer-to-peer architecture
  • Demonstratable 3D math and graphics programming skills
  • Deep low-level knowledge of CPU and RAM functionality, optimizations, CPU pipeline, registers, intrinsics, cache lines, locality of reference and data-oriented design
  • Experience with Agile game development pipelines
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion and enthusiasm for video games, particularly retro and mobile gaming
  • Eligible to work in Ontario, Canada, on-site at our London offices
Think you've got what it takes? Apply with a current CV by email:!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Dash Quest: A Look Ahead, Part 2

Welcome back, dashers!

In our last blog update, we spent some time talking about our plans to better optimize your Dash Quest experience. This time, we'd like to focus on a subject that's become very near and dear to our hearts recently, the Daily Dungeon feature.

Dungeon Crawling: Designs, Updates, Enemies and Loot

Sunken Temple will be getting a facelift in the near future.
We introduced our Daily Dungeon feature about a month and a half ago, and it's such a natural fit for Dash Quest that it's already a little hard for us to believe that it wasn't always there. Your support of our efforts has been nothing short of extraordinary; players seem to love the feature, and it's incredibly fun for us to support. We wanted something that would help encourage players to return to the game each day, and we want to continue trying to make these Dungeons exciting, unique pieces of the Dash Quest experience.

With our recent additions to the rotation of this daily feature, the Desert Ruins and Ice Cavern, we realized that we were capable of hitting a higher design standard on these experiences. By doing this, we can help further differentiate them from the core "Classic Mode" gameplay and offer new and veteran players alike some new twists and approaches to help keep all of you on your toes. You can not only expect new Dungeon themes going forward to carry similar design sensibilities, but we'll be revisiting our original trio of Dungeons - Catacombs, Sunken Temple, and Lava Forge - to better align with those that have been released since.

What other surprises can you expect? We've been working on modifying our level system to allow us greater flexibility in adding in unique events and rare occurrences; you'll not only start to see more dynamic stages in the Daily Dungeon but possibly other modes as well. We also want to start introducing some new boss monsters and monster encounters in Dungeon modes to keep things interesting for all of you. There's even been some talk of doing Dungeons with multiple difficulty levels. We want to create more dynamic enemies and more interesting rewards for defeating them, and we're laying the groundwork for that now.

We know that many of you have run across bugs or other issues related to your particular Dungeon attempts. We also know that many of you have feedback on what works well and what doesn't. We're continuing to investigate issues as we run across them and will make every effort to provide appropriate fixes as we're revisiting the feature. If we see an opportunity to make this feature better, we're open to making changes if they're deemed necessary.

What would you like to see in the Daily Dungeon? What do you enjoy about them? What could use some work? What's your cool idea to make them even more amazing? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Be sure to check out our last entry on our performance changes, and keep an eye out for our next blog update regarding some big plans for our in-game UI!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Dash Quest: A Look Ahead, Part 1

Hey, dashers!

We hope this post finds you well and enjoying the season. The frigid temperatures of Canada are finally giving way to some beautiful, warm, sunny weather, and at Tiny Titan Studios we're excited. We're excited for summer being just around the bend, but we're also excited about Dash Quest. Our little game is still going strong, and that's thanks to all of you. We've seen some incredible growth on the Android side of our player base and it's rededicated all of us to making DQ as great a game as we can for as many of our players as we can. With that in mind, we thought it might be time to check in about what we've got in the pipeline.

Performance Review: Building a Better Dash Quest

If you play this game on this phone, this blog post is for you.

First up, let's talk about optimizations. We've read thousands of reviews, pored over countless Facebook messages and checked out hundreds of Tweets. The number one issue that players have with Dash Quest? Performance. The game runs slowly on your phone. Your run crashes after some massive number of meters. A bunch of enemies are getting ready to hand you a beatdown and the game force-closes. We've heard you loud and clear, and we know how much you hate that the game is getting in your way when you're trying to play it. We hate it, too, we swear.

DQ may seem like a very simple game on the surface, but nothing could be further from the truth. Making the kind of wholesale changes required to offer real fixes for these sorts of issues is a massive undertaking. We'd be ripping out entire chunks of the game and rebuilding them, then reinserting them and doing our best to ensure nothing was broken in the process. The issue for us has always been having the resources to dedicate to these daunting tasks while trying to continue keeping the game updated and fresh, let alone addressing smaller bugs.

We're happy to report that with our new, dedicated code team, we're looking forward to finally making some headway when it comes to game performance. It's very unlikely that you'll notice dramatic changes overnight; instead, we'll be rolling out small adjustments as carefully as possible to mimimize any negative impacts to our players. Some of these changes may appear with very little fanfare and might change very little that's visible to the eye. Others may appear to be much more significant. Rest assured, though, that over the next several weeks, optimization is something we plan to attack to the best of our ability.

Keep an eye out for some of these improvements over the next few updates, and please, let us know if you see a change for the better on your device of choice. Your feedback has been invaluable in making Dash Quest the game that it is, and we expect that to continue in the coming weeks.

We have two other major areas to talk about over the next few days. Check back for more about upcoming Daily Dungeon content and our UI refresh plans!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Now Hiring: Office Assistant and Social Media Master

Tiny Titan Studios is hiring once again!

We are looking for a talented and motivated individual who LOVES talking about games, building community and interacting with players. If this sounds like you, you could join our team at our London, ON office!

As a Social Media Master, your skills and responsibilities would include: Assisting with general office and administrative duties, updating our company website, maintaining our social media networks, providing support to our players for questions or issues, managing our community forums and doing product testing. You'd be helping to share the voice of Tiny Titan to our players around the world.

  • Energetic, positive attitude
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with social media networks and management tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Hootsuite, Google+, YouTube and Twitch
  • Creative, adaptable and eager to learn
  • Keen eye for detail and critical analysis
  • Love for and familiarity with retro and mobile gaming
  • Basic scripting knowledge, a background in media or social media and experience with audio or video content are not required, but would be considered benefits

Does this sound like a job that was made for you? Are you ready to tell the world about Tiny Titan Studios and our incredibly fun games? We'd be delighted to hear from you! Email with your resume, portfolio, or any other relevant materials you'd like to share with us.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Update 2.3.3 is live on iOS and Android!

Update 2.3.3 includes a new Daily Dungeon and some optimizations. Here's what's new:

-Introducing the Ice Cavern Daily Dungeon! Keep warm and keep moving or risk freezing up. If you do freeze over, tap quickly to escape!

-Introduced early gameplay optimizations to help improve performance. This process will continue through future updates
-Added various small bug fixes

Have you checked out the new Tiny Titan forums at http://tinytitanstudios/forum? Come join the discussion! Happy dashing!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Update 2.3.2 is live on Android/iOS!

Update 2.3.2 adds new functionality and some fixes. Here's a look at what's new:

-New Dungeon: Desert Ruins! Fight through sandstorms and be sure to use new Water Skins to stay hydrated! (note: this will be added to the Daily Dungeon rotation now that 2.3.2 is live on both platforms)
-Fairy Fountain: Get a gift and purchase other bonuses at this new addition to the Dungeon Shop
-Fixed bug with store purchase behavior
-Fixed various small bugs and preparations for future updates

Be sure to check out our new forums at! Happy dashing!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Update 2.3.1 is live on iOS and Android

Updated 2.3.1 has finally been approved for release on iOS. This update went live on Android last week and included some fixes to issues with the Dungeon and related features. Here's a refresher:

-Adjusted cooldown clock behaviour for Dungeon and formatting issues with correct digits displaying
-Added fix for block and charge attacks breaking during stage transitions
-Added fix for inconsistent Dungeon conditions and modified UI elements
-Added fix for incorrect difficulty scaling on Master stages in Story Mode
-Adjusted Lich boss's object collider to account for issues with short-ranged melee weapons
-Added additional check to reward Legendary Gear when completed Dungeon window is selected
-Refreshed event artwork and added tip to Legendary Gear tab
-Added fixes for various bugs

Friday, 15 April 2016

Update Notes, 2.3 and 2.3.1

Greetings, dashers! Update 2.3.1 should be available for Android as you read this. We've submitted the build to Apple for review and should be live on iOS soon, as well. Here are the notes for 2.3 and the new update:

Update 2.3 adds three BIG New Features!
- Daily Dungeons - New dungeons everyday with Legendary Rewards!
- Legendary Gear - Rare powerful gear that can be upgraded to gain more Power!
- Offhand Items - Try out the new Bows, Boomerangs and more in the Daily Dungeon!
- Added additional stat bonuses for Legend Levels

Update 2.3.1 focuses on feature updates and fixes following our Daily Dungeon update:
-Adjusted cooldown clock behaviour for Dungeon and formatting issues with correct digits displaying
-Added fix for block and charge attacks breaking during stage transitions
-Added fix for inconsistent Dungeon conditions and modified UI elements
-Added fix for incorrect difficulty scaling on Master stages in Story Mode
-Adjusted Lich boss's object collider to account for issues with short-ranged melee weapons
-Added additional check to reward Legendary Gear when completed Dungeon window is selected
-Refreshed event artwork and added tip to Legendary Gear tab
-Added fixes for various bugs

We wanted to take a moment to thank our players for reaching out over the past several days with their feedback and reports on the new update and features. Happy dashing, everyone!

Monday, 11 April 2016

New in Update 2.3: Legendary Gear and Legend Level Bonuses

First, if you haven't read about the new Daily Dungeon, feel free to do so here:

In the new Daily Dungeon, you'll receive prizes when you reach 30% and 60% of your target distance, and when you reach the final target, you'll be awarded with a new type of item: Legendary Gear. You'll be able to view your collection of these via a new tab on the Gear Shop panel.

Legendary Gear is special in a couple of ways. First, it can be upgraded. Let's look at one of our new Legendary weapons, Ghost Knight's Sabre. When you initially find this sword, it will add 25 Crit Damage, +1% Summon Damage, and have a damage value of 54. It's roughly equivalent to a very strong level 10 weapon:

The next time you're awarded this sword, you'll receive a better version of it, with better attribute and damage values. Each piece of Legendary Gear has ten variations. The final variation of Ghost Knight's Sabre grants you 250 Crit Damage, +10% Summon Damage, and grants a 5% Instant Kill Chance, which unlocks as a special third attribute once the weapon is maxed out. The sword's damage also increments.

How are these items leveled up? A different Legendary Gear piece will be available each day with the new Dungeon, and each time you're awarded an item you've already acquired, you'll get the next iteration of it. You'll be able to check which item is being rewarded on a given day right from the Daily Dungeon launch window. Be sure to check the Dungeon each day to see if your favorite item is available!

The second thing that's unique about Legendary Gear is that your ownership of this gear won't be reset if you gain a Legend Level. If you have a maxed out Ghost Knight's Sabre and choose to reset and gain a new Legend Level, you'll still have that maxed out sword after you've spent your Perk Points. The idea behind this is for those players who enjoy the Legend system, you'll have weapons, armor or accessories that will not only make the trip with you, but can be made increasingly better.

With all of that said, Legendary Gear is among the most powerful gear in the game, so there's one final note that needs to be clarified. Only one piece of Legendary Gear may be equipped at a time. If you wish to switch to a different Legendary weapon or armor, you'll need to disable your currently equipped one first.

On the subject of Legend Mode, we received a lot of feedback from players on the virtues (or lack thereof) of this recent addition. Some people love it, some people hate it; others were open to the idea but felt it needed to be a bit richer. We agreed with that sentiment, so we've added in passive Legend Level bonuses with update 2.3. You'll receive stat bonuses for each Legend Level you acquire in addition to the Perk Points you'll be able to spend, and these will also carry over each time you choose to do a Legend reset. There are currently 10 levels of Legend Bonuses, but we'll be looking at adding more going forward.

Look for Legendary Gear and Legend Level Bonuses when the Daily Dungeon launches with update 2.3!

New in version 2.3: Daily Dungeon, Off-hand Items

The Daily Dungeon is a new feature we've been working hard to implement in update 2.3, and we wanted to take a few moments to tell you a little more about it. This Dungeon will allow you to acquire our new Legendary Gear items, which you can read more about in this post:

Each day, we'll rotate one of three unique Dungeons. Dungeons are made up of several floors, similar to stages in Endless or Story Mode, all of which can feature conditions similar to those found in World Map Challenges. One floor might cause you damage due to extreme heat; another might disable your ability to use items.

You'll have a 24-hour period to meet a distance target which will be tracked over the course of that day. Make a Dungeon run, and you'll accumulate distance towards that target that you'll carry over to your next attempt. After each attempt, you'll need to regain stamina in order to try again. As such, you'll need to wait for a period of time before re-entering the Dungeon, or, if you'd prefer, you can pay gold in order to play again immediately. Both the cooldown time and gold cost will be based on the distance of your previous attempt.

The environments you'll visit in these Dungeons are completely new to Dash Quest, and they'll also feature a variety of new enemies and familiar foes that we're excited to share with you. Here's a look at one of these new areas, the Sunken Temple. This flooded ruin is home to our new mermen enemies, as well as others:

Periodically, as you explore the Dungeon, you'll proceed to a rest area where you'll have a chance to catch your breath, refill HP or MP, or pick up a special new Off-hand items. Introduced to help you take on these daily challenges, Off-hand items will only appear in the Dungeon, in a temporary fourth item slot. These items can serve a few different functions. The boomerang, for example, does an arc of either physical or magic damage on a low cooldown.

These weapons can be used as often as desired, but will only be active in your inventory until you reach the next rest area, where you'll have an opportunity to purchase another item. Other Off-hand items will grant temporary stat bonuses, such as the Shadow Solution, which passively boosts your Dodge until the next rest area. Still others have unique effects, like the Rulebreaker's Charm, which is immediately activated on purchase and disables conditions until you reach the next shop.

Once again, for more on the awards you'll find in the Daily Dungeon and some changes we've made to Legend Mode, be sure to check out our post here:

Friday, 11 March 2016

Update 2.2.0 is live on iOS and Android!

Update 2.2.0 has arrived for both platforms and gives high-level players a chance to become Legendary! Here's a look at what's new:

  • Legend Mode: high level players now have the option to reset their progress and items in order to acquire exclusive, permanent perks. Legend Mode is optional, and choosing to gain a Legend Level will reset gold, gear and progress. Key Items and Epic Coins will not be affected;
  • Perks: gain Perk Points to spend on unique improvements that carry over when you acquire new Legend Levels;
  • New-Look Gold Shop: the Gold Shop features a brand new look, with easier access to gold and new items, and greater flexibility for special items and sales
  • Adjusted stats on Cracked Orb, Sorcerer's Orb and Ivory Staff for game balance purposes

You can read more about Legend Mode in our earlier post at: We also discuss the game balance changes in more detail here:

Be sure to follow our devblog at for the latest news. Happy dashing!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

New in 2.2.0: Legend Mode!

Update v2.2.0 will bring an exciting new feature to Dash Quest: Legend Mode! Some Android users will already have noticed some new elements to the game UI and be asking what this addition is all about.

Legend Mode is Dash Quest's take on prestige and paragon systems like those found in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Diablo III. It's intended to give our most hardcore players a new way to progress and new ways to build their character.

Players who reach level 60 will be granted a Key Item, the Legend's Badge, which will unlock a new tab on the character screen. On this Legend tab, you'll be able to choose to gain a Legend Level. By doing so, you will reset all of your progress and lose all current gear, gold and items, except for Key Items you have either purchased or found in-game, and Epic Coins you've earned or purchased.

In exchange for resetting, your Legend Level will increase, and you'll receive an allotment of Perk Points that can be used on unique, permanent boosts for your character. These Perks will carry over each time you gain a Legend Level, so every time you restart your character will be a little stronger. You'll gain three Perk Points if you Legend at level 60, and an additional three for each ten levels thereafter. Gain a Legend Level at level 100 and you'll get 15 Perk Points to use right away!

We have some very dedicated and passionate players, and we wanted to offer them a new challenge and new places to take their characters. This is a totally optional new system, but we've worked very hard to make them entertaining and fun to use. Who wouldn't want a chance at a bonus revive, a Ghost Knight to come to your aid at low HP or more inventory space for items? These are just a few of the 25 Perks you can choose to spend points on!

Will you rise to the challenge? Become a Legend in Dash Quest v2.2.0!

*Edit: This post has been updated to reflect our decision to allow players to retain Epic Coins after a Legend reset.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mage Gear Modifications

We've had a great deal of feedback from our players since the launch of update 2.0. We're grateful for your continued passion and dedication to our game! We're also appreciative of all the messages we've received.

The Dash Quest team has made recent efforts to try and design gear around a sort of soft "class" system. We want to give all players compelling and interesting options for how to play our game and what gear to use.

It's no secret that magic in our game is powerful and we want our players to have fun using it. With that said, we also don't wish to make it seem as if the game should play a certain way. With that in mind, our next update will introduce changes to three pieces of gear:

  • Sorceror's Orb - This early Dash Quest item just hasn't scaled well as the game has grown. It's cheap and powerful. We've reduced the mana bonus on this gear piece to +75, which is still one of the highest bonuses in the game. We've also lowered its spell cooldown reduction to 15%;
  • Cracked Orb - The risk/reward aspect of this accessory excites us. We failed to consider the full impact of other gear. We've lowered the spell cost penalty to 20%, and have removed the spell cooldown attribute. In its place, Cracked Orb will now grant a 25% chance to free cast a spell;
  • Ivory Staff - One of our most expensive gear pieces, its design was to reflect the cost of the weapon. We designed it as a  low-impact melee weapon that was powerful for casters. The bonuses it granted were too generous, in retrospect. It will still grant bonuses to spell cost and spell cooldown, but these are now reduced to 30% each. The staff's melee damage is also reduced to help emphasize its utility as a "mage's weapon".
We understand that players have elected to spend their gold on these items due to their strengths. Our hope is that players will understand our desire to make all options for all play styles appealing. We don't intend to do a lot of balancing, but may continue to revisit various aspects of the game in the coming weeks. We'll elect to make changes if we deem them necessary.

Happy dashing, everyone!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Update 2.1.2 is live on iOS and Android!

Update v2.1.2 features new content, fixes and additions. Here's a quick look at the changes: 

  • New Prizes: Players can now earn score-based prizes in Mini-Games and Challenges after the five “main” prizes have been won;
  • Added Challenge – Swamp Stomp to Deadly Marsh in Story Mode;
  • Added News window on game startup;
  • Added new gold rewards for watching ads between stages;
  • Fixed issue where player was being shown XP rewards after reaching level cap;
  • Addressed various small bugs and UI enhancements

Be sure to follow our devblog at for the latest news. Happy dashing!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Patch Notes: 2.1 and 2.1.1

We introduced two updates this week with a number of bug fixes, tweaks and background features to help improve your World Map experience. Because both were a little smaller than past updates, we've assembled the update notes for both here. Please note these updates are available for both iOS and Android, and all content will apply to both versions unless otherwise noted:

  • Added final Camp and rewards for defeating Lich on World Map
  • Added Ooze Army Challenge in Gloom Caverns and new prizes 
  • Fixed issue with White Sasquatch rare monster becoming unkillable
  • Introduced fixes for related issues with Ooze Queen boss and Gloom Caverns stage completions
  • Fixed various small bugs and presentation issues


  • Enhanced Mastery System: stages can now be played on Master difficulty up to five times, with increasing challenge on each round; Normal mode will be locked after completion, opening up Master difficulty; these stages will impact completion percentage
  • iOS only: Added potential fix for gameplay issues on iOS 7.x devices (primarily iPhone 4 or 4S devices running older iOS versions
  • Ads will no longer play during mini-games or challenges, with the exception of optional ads (ie. for rare item chance)
  • Adjusted camera behavior on World Map to better communicate information to player
  • Added tip text for better clarity around Mastery adjustments
  • Added character upgrade tip to World Map UI
  • Player will now select Story Mode from game mode screen, rather than being forced into the map
  • Fixed issue with Pet purchases
  • Fixed completion glitch related to final Camp
  • Assorted small bug and glitch fixes and UI element changes

Please note that World Map completion percentage will continue to be a bit of a "moving target" as we continue to add and refine content like Master stages, Challenges or Mini-Games. Thanks to our dedicated players for their feedback and assistance in bug squashing and tweaking our UI after our huge update! The World Map was a big change to our game, and your input, both positive and critical, has been valuable as we've examined the impact the new game mode has had.

As always, follow our devblog at Happy dashing!