Thursday, 18 February 2016

Patch Notes: 2.1 and 2.1.1

We introduced two updates this week with a number of bug fixes, tweaks and background features to help improve your World Map experience. Because both were a little smaller than past updates, we've assembled the update notes for both here. Please note these updates are available for both iOS and Android, and all content will apply to both versions unless otherwise noted:

  • Added final Camp and rewards for defeating Lich on World Map
  • Added Ooze Army Challenge in Gloom Caverns and new prizes 
  • Fixed issue with White Sasquatch rare monster becoming unkillable
  • Introduced fixes for related issues with Ooze Queen boss and Gloom Caverns stage completions
  • Fixed various small bugs and presentation issues


  • Enhanced Mastery System: stages can now be played on Master difficulty up to five times, with increasing challenge on each round; Normal mode will be locked after completion, opening up Master difficulty; these stages will impact completion percentage
  • iOS only: Added potential fix for gameplay issues on iOS 7.x devices (primarily iPhone 4 or 4S devices running older iOS versions
  • Ads will no longer play during mini-games or challenges, with the exception of optional ads (ie. for rare item chance)
  • Adjusted camera behavior on World Map to better communicate information to player
  • Added tip text for better clarity around Mastery adjustments
  • Added character upgrade tip to World Map UI
  • Player will now select Story Mode from game mode screen, rather than being forced into the map
  • Fixed issue with Pet purchases
  • Fixed completion glitch related to final Camp
  • Assorted small bug and glitch fixes and UI element changes

Please note that World Map completion percentage will continue to be a bit of a "moving target" as we continue to add and refine content like Master stages, Challenges or Mini-Games. Thanks to our dedicated players for their feedback and assistance in bug squashing and tweaking our UI after our huge update! The World Map was a big change to our game, and your input, both positive and critical, has been valuable as we've examined the impact the new game mode has had.

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  1. Pretty sure this is a bug but I may be wrong. Every time in story mode when you fight in a boss node, I think gold should double but doesn't. Notice other normal nodes multiply the gold amount upon reaching the goal but in boss nodes maybe due to waiting to collect the boss drops the multiplier does not apply and still shows 2x but no gold is multiplied at the end of the stage summary.

  2. Bug report feature isn't working, figured I'd state that here; also, if you activate a spell and go into a menu, the spell will continue to run regardless and run out after menu close.

  3. i bought sinsei wraps. I dont see auto ninjitsu proc ?

    1. sorry my bad it does work. my question is does it procs my current ninjitsu learnt level or what?

  4. After reaching level cap exp reward from quests should be removed.

  5. Hello, i finish the game at 100% and i don't receive the special invitation. I try to do the board 1-4 again and again ( 1-1 to first boss ) but nothing. Do you have a idea plz ? Thank

  6. Mastered world map but still stuck at 99.7% completion. Any help?

    1. Do you get the ghost? And the last treasure of each challenges and mini-games? Look for a level that is not mastered.. I've 100% so it does work, unless for me (sorry for my english

  7. Hi, i was thinking about increasing the pleasure of Playing this game which us already awesome, so I think that you could int├ęgrate more challenges in an other Playing mode, where we can earn epic coin from something else
    Thanks for All you do for this game, i really enjoy it and Know that it Will become better and Better !

  8. Does anyone know how to get sorcerers mark? I have got every other item except this one. Thanks