Friday, 11 March 2016

Update 2.2.0 is live on iOS and Android!

Update 2.2.0 has arrived for both platforms and gives high-level players a chance to become Legendary! Here's a look at what's new:

  • Legend Mode: high level players now have the option to reset their progress and items in order to acquire exclusive, permanent perks. Legend Mode is optional, and choosing to gain a Legend Level will reset gold, gear and progress. Key Items and Epic Coins will not be affected;
  • Perks: gain Perk Points to spend on unique improvements that carry over when you acquire new Legend Levels;
  • New-Look Gold Shop: the Gold Shop features a brand new look, with easier access to gold and new items, and greater flexibility for special items and sales
  • Adjusted stats on Cracked Orb, Sorcerer's Orb and Ivory Staff for game balance purposes

You can read more about Legend Mode in our earlier post at: We also discuss the game balance changes in more detail here:

Be sure to follow our devblog at for the latest news. Happy dashing!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

New in 2.2.0: Legend Mode!

Update v2.2.0 will bring an exciting new feature to Dash Quest: Legend Mode! Some Android users will already have noticed some new elements to the game UI and be asking what this addition is all about.

Legend Mode is Dash Quest's take on prestige and paragon systems like those found in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Diablo III. It's intended to give our most hardcore players a new way to progress and new ways to build their character.

Players who reach level 60 will be granted a Key Item, the Legend's Badge, which will unlock a new tab on the character screen. On this Legend tab, you'll be able to choose to gain a Legend Level. By doing so, you will reset all of your progress and lose all current gear, gold and items, except for Key Items you have either purchased or found in-game, and Epic Coins you've earned or purchased.

In exchange for resetting, your Legend Level will increase, and you'll receive an allotment of Perk Points that can be used on unique, permanent boosts for your character. These Perks will carry over each time you gain a Legend Level, so every time you restart your character will be a little stronger. You'll gain three Perk Points if you Legend at level 60, and an additional three for each ten levels thereafter. Gain a Legend Level at level 100 and you'll get 15 Perk Points to use right away!

We have some very dedicated and passionate players, and we wanted to offer them a new challenge and new places to take their characters. This is a totally optional new system, but we've worked very hard to make them entertaining and fun to use. Who wouldn't want a chance at a bonus revive, a Ghost Knight to come to your aid at low HP or more inventory space for items? These are just a few of the 25 Perks you can choose to spend points on!

Will you rise to the challenge? Become a Legend in Dash Quest v2.2.0!

*Edit: This post has been updated to reflect our decision to allow players to retain Epic Coins after a Legend reset.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mage Gear Modifications

We've had a great deal of feedback from our players since the launch of update 2.0. We're grateful for your continued passion and dedication to our game! We're also appreciative of all the messages we've received.

The Dash Quest team has made recent efforts to try and design gear around a sort of soft "class" system. We want to give all players compelling and interesting options for how to play our game and what gear to use.

It's no secret that magic in our game is powerful and we want our players to have fun using it. With that said, we also don't wish to make it seem as if the game should play a certain way. With that in mind, our next update will introduce changes to three pieces of gear:

  • Sorceror's Orb - This early Dash Quest item just hasn't scaled well as the game has grown. It's cheap and powerful. We've reduced the mana bonus on this gear piece to +75, which is still one of the highest bonuses in the game. We've also lowered its spell cooldown reduction to 15%;
  • Cracked Orb - The risk/reward aspect of this accessory excites us. We failed to consider the full impact of other gear. We've lowered the spell cost penalty to 20%, and have removed the spell cooldown attribute. In its place, Cracked Orb will now grant a 25% chance to free cast a spell;
  • Ivory Staff - One of our most expensive gear pieces, its design was to reflect the cost of the weapon. We designed it as a  low-impact melee weapon that was powerful for casters. The bonuses it granted were too generous, in retrospect. It will still grant bonuses to spell cost and spell cooldown, but these are now reduced to 30% each. The staff's melee damage is also reduced to help emphasize its utility as a "mage's weapon".
We understand that players have elected to spend their gold on these items due to their strengths. Our hope is that players will understand our desire to make all options for all play styles appealing. We don't intend to do a lot of balancing, but may continue to revisit various aspects of the game in the coming weeks. We'll elect to make changes if we deem them necessary.

Happy dashing, everyone!