Monday, 11 April 2016

New in version 2.3: Daily Dungeon, Off-hand Items

The Daily Dungeon is a new feature we've been working hard to implement in update 2.3, and we wanted to take a few moments to tell you a little more about it. This Dungeon will allow you to acquire our new Legendary Gear items, which you can read more about in this post:

Each day, we'll rotate one of three unique Dungeons. Dungeons are made up of several floors, similar to stages in Endless or Story Mode, all of which can feature conditions similar to those found in World Map Challenges. One floor might cause you damage due to extreme heat; another might disable your ability to use items.

You'll have a 24-hour period to meet a distance target which will be tracked over the course of that day. Make a Dungeon run, and you'll accumulate distance towards that target that you'll carry over to your next attempt. After each attempt, you'll need to regain stamina in order to try again. As such, you'll need to wait for a period of time before re-entering the Dungeon, or, if you'd prefer, you can pay gold in order to play again immediately. Both the cooldown time and gold cost will be based on the distance of your previous attempt.

The environments you'll visit in these Dungeons are completely new to Dash Quest, and they'll also feature a variety of new enemies and familiar foes that we're excited to share with you. Here's a look at one of these new areas, the Sunken Temple. This flooded ruin is home to our new mermen enemies, as well as others:

Periodically, as you explore the Dungeon, you'll proceed to a rest area where you'll have a chance to catch your breath, refill HP or MP, or pick up a special new Off-hand items. Introduced to help you take on these daily challenges, Off-hand items will only appear in the Dungeon, in a temporary fourth item slot. These items can serve a few different functions. The boomerang, for example, does an arc of either physical or magic damage on a low cooldown.

These weapons can be used as often as desired, but will only be active in your inventory until you reach the next rest area, where you'll have an opportunity to purchase another item. Other Off-hand items will grant temporary stat bonuses, such as the Shadow Solution, which passively boosts your Dodge until the next rest area. Still others have unique effects, like the Rulebreaker's Charm, which is immediately activated on purchase and disables conditions until you reach the next shop.

Once again, for more on the awards you'll find in the Daily Dungeon and some changes we've made to Legend Mode, be sure to check out our post here:


  1. I can play daily dungeon only once, then the refresh timer starts to count down, when it reaches 0, it counts down again without letting me play, thats a bug, right?

    1. The cooldown times can actually get pretty substantial, Jason. I think the bug is actually with the cooldown display. It should be displaying up to six digits, and it's currently only doing four.

  2. Once the timer is reset, I noticed that you have to close the game and reopen the app - it will then let you re-enter the daily dungeon if you haven't completed it yet. Otherwise the counter will restart again (which means nothing)

    1. Chris, counter behaviour should be better with update 2.3.1. That should apply to proper digits displaying as well as counter reset workarounds and the like.

  3. Aron here again with some more random yet interesting questions!!!

    1.Thx for fixing the rare monsters but my concern here now is that i sometimes get double rare monsters at the same time, is it normal, a bug or error or just luck? :)
    2.Sometimes when vs bosses, they have been damaged at some point then this happens, they come back from the start where they enter to fight but all their hp isnt reset, it stays at the same amount of health and is equalled with what was left of the hp and refill led the hp bar, is this normal?
    3.With the compass that gives bonus hp and mana, do you get it from once defeating the Lich or fetting 100%, pls dont tell me its by getting 100%, its really a long way to get it as each level on the map has 5 mastery parts on each level?
    4.I know that there is the Pet Manual skill that affects Pet action cooldown but i found out it doesnt work on the Ghost pet, its either because i bought the skill and maxed it first then got the ghost and bought the poppet where cooldown is reduced to 50s or it happened the other way and the ghost or spell doenst work with eachother?
    5.This is something i would like to happen, i recently got both Zeus hammer and Odins plate and with the auto lightning happening whilst im fighting a bunch of enemies then once the lightning appears whilst pressing the attack button, slight lag is caused and instead of attacking im charging and even slow tapping makes me charge! This is where i suggest you should have the option to enable/disable charging? Not everyone would like charging and im one of them! (With these gears, i look like Thor but i dont know why wearing the armor, it shows the helmet when there is a helmet for it that cost epic coins which i think you should remove it?)
    6.just saying im lvl 100, pls congratulate hard playing and i have done endless and on my profile i have a purple skull, i think this represents how many times i looped in endless or how many time i defeated Lich? Could you also tell me any other skulls after that or is that it?
    7.So the original item Memento has Luck +1 but what is the ???, is it really good? And whats also behind the Mysterious mask, i would like to know also whats the ???.
    8.Do you think you could slightly reduce the rate of fire or attack speed of the witches and dragons, its really hard when you get stuck in a group of them surrounding me whilst knights are blocking my way?
    9.Sometimes when i use magic missle it sometimes dissapears by missing the target and making a u-turn and flies away!!! Also sometimes spells disappear and appear really giant and fly across the screen from left to right and disappears again, is it fixable?
    10. It not really a question but its more of a coincident. I played a dungeon game and just started, the shield stuffed up and shields non stop, even with each gap when the shield dissapears i dont get hit, its like i was invulnerable but i couldnt attack, i manage to still push through levels thx to block damage and return damage. I made over 300000 coins and made it to lvl66 but i stopped cause i was too rich and taking forever, i didnt think its fair to others so im asking is it the games fault or my phone?
    11.Other than the ghost that you find which is special and hidden, is there any other secret items you can gain? (Pls give a hint instead of telling unless you have to ;D)
    Thx for reading this, and hope you answer these new questions!!! :)
    This is just like the other questions but more answerable unlike the other ones where you said "funny you should mention that" haha

    1. I wrote more than last time :)

    2. Holy smokes, Aron! Sorry for the delay. I needed to exercise my fingers first...

      1. Noticed the two-for-one thing on those mobs here and there as well, but not always. We'll look into it but it's not a huge concern at present.
      2. Had an issue last fall where bosses were disappearing, and what you're seeing is the workaround for that. They'll respawn with current HP, or should, at least.
      3. Compass is awarded at 100% map completion. Sorry.
      4. Will look into pet manual/Ghost. May be an issue with the way the Ghost was hooked up.
      5. The helmet thing is just a side effect of the way our armors are built. I don't see us disabling charge, but we definitely want to get deeper into game optimization for lag, crashes, etc.
      6. Grats on 100! There is a point at which the skulls stop changing; it's after the third or fourth loop, I think.
      7. Can't say on either gear. Sworn to secrecy. Might suggest asking around at the subreddit, though!
      8. I don't think we'll do that, but I definitely want to look at Dragons/Witches, mostly because of them attacking from behind while they're off-screen. I know players hate that (I do, too).
      9. Aware of both issues and investigating.
      10. Remember your comment when you asked about block and charge breaking? That's *exactly* what we were talking about. :)
      11. We have more pets on the way and are trying to think of interesting ways of introducing them. Same goes for other secrets... we like trying to come up with special things where we can.

  4. And what did you mean by block and charge breaking between stages?

    1. There was an issue where players were able to either disable block or charge of have it happening without input if the screen was tapped during the switch between dungeon floors, Aron.