Monday, 9 May 2016

Update 2.3.2 is live on Android/iOS!

Update 2.3.2 adds new functionality and some fixes. Here's a look at what's new:

-New Dungeon: Desert Ruins! Fight through sandstorms and be sure to use new Water Skins to stay hydrated! (note: this will be added to the Daily Dungeon rotation now that 2.3.2 is live on both platforms)
-Fairy Fountain: Get a gift and purchase other bonuses at this new addition to the Dungeon Shop
-Fixed bug with store purchase behavior
-Fixed various small bugs and preparations for future updates

Be sure to check out our new forums at! Happy dashing!


  1. I was wondering what is going to happend when you get certain legend gear maxed? Are they going still appearing in the daily dungeon?

  2. Yes. The Legend gear is random what is in the daily dungeon. Once the particular item reaches level 10 it will no longer upgrade at this time.

  3. Hey Tiny Titant studio , I love you guys game but thing is , will be there a PC version someday ? I rarely get on my phone , except when I'm in school since I play the game in there when I'm bored or has nothing to do.

    And since i'm mostly of the computer , I would like the game to be out for PC and then be like... Level 40 in one day? Not sure :D

    Thanks for the game , Love it <3

  4. We do have future plans for adding Windows.

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  6. _______
    Dear Tiny Titanstudio
    i enjoyed so much your game,
    i v playid your game since the first version was released

    i made all possible build, for real.
    i Love so much this game!

    but me and lot of other players have
    a HUGE LAG and CRASH issues.

    for all the person that are using a
    DINOSOUR-cellphone , like me and my 11 school friends
    (i have iphone 4s ios9.2 my friends android\iphone old generation)

    We r getting INFINITE LAG!
    while impact in high density monsters
    during daily dungeon\ during story mode MASTER difficult
    castle and Dark caste

    Please we beg you to keep reading to fix our problems


    Noisy Effect that causes tons of Lags\crashing problems

    -1)Graphical Graphical Death,
    they get SPLATTERED with screen-effects

    -2)Graphical Skill Effects

    -3)Graphical Monster Life-Bar over theyr heads

    -4)Graphical Monster attack-movements


    Possible inGame Bugs

    -1) increasing of Damage doesnt increase ANY spells-damage

    -2) critical chance \ critical damage NOT working for spells

    -3)After reaching the 4th store in dailydungeon
    if we'r trying to press over fountain \ or npc sellers
    we get instant game crashing

    -4)Increase of Atk\ Damage STATUS over weapons\gear\armor
    do NOT work with Spells-damage



    -1) Tons of spells are useless at 100%
    magic missle \ fireball \ lightning orb
    all those 1-single cast use spells
    are making impossible to create a build to sustain those
    type of spells

    The only spells used for use
    1st place : Lightning
    2nd place : Haste
    3nd place : Acid Rain
    4th place : Karma

    -2) Must change damage and atk status from gear \ weapon\ armor
    works with SPELLs-Build
    or the only 1 way to play it is with:
    1st place: Arcane Staff
    2nd place : Ivory Staff ( once reached 1kk gold)


    Thanks so much, i have explained a lot in deep our problems
    but like us, i bet tons of other old generaiton cell phone-owners
    will have these problems.

  7. Had no issues with the game before the update and now I can't finish a round because it just stops and won't end without me quitting and losing the run. Running on a ZTE elite so it's not just older phones

    1. Hey, Marcus, sorry to hear you're running into issues. Could we get a few more specifics from you? What "round" are you referring to? Is it a specific game mode? Is it at a specific point in a specific game mode? When you say it just stops, specifically what are you seeing (ie. the gameplay freezes but you can still access menus; character runs endlessly, etc.)?

      Appreciate any further details you can provide!

    2. It's in classic and it happens when I try to watch the video to revive

    3. The watch a video for free revive bug is being worked on. Thank you for the details.

  8. Please add settings to remove
    graphical spells effects
    and other graphical effects

    we can not play on iphone 5s 4s and samsung

    we are running a pure spell build
    we are capable to finish all dark-castle master difficult

    but we are lagging as madness
    and crashing de to those graphical problems


    1. Hey Marzu. Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into the option.

  9. Pls fix the archivment bug thx

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    2. Hey Anthony. We are working on the achievement bug. Thank you for you patience.

  10. Hi TT
    I love your game, but im lagging to death on an old phone, so i plan to get a new one. Can we somehow bring the old phones save on to the new one?

    1. Hello Bakin. We are working on a cloud option but it is not ready at this time.

  11. to remove lag crash peoblems they could just add settings to remove spells graphical effects
    and we will be able to run with any problem regarding lag/crash

  12. We are working on performance enhancements. check the updated blog.

    1. Many of the coming improvements to Dash Quest will not be visible when it's released but should solve many issues. Here is the latest update with the details.

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  15. Hey Pufavor me ajudem não consigo salvar o jogo, como Fasso isso ?

    1. Hi, Luiz,

      First of all, can you ensure that you're updated to the newest version of the game? On Android, it should be 2.4.1. There were issues with game saves on earlier builds. Otherwise, the game should save automatically after area complete.