Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Berserker's Rage Skill Changes

Update 2.4.3 will be arriving for Dash Quest for many players within the next day or so, and in this update, we'll be addressing something that's been a cause of annoyance for players for some time: the Berserker's Rage skill.

For those who are unaware, Berserker's Rage is a skill that gives players a chance to cast Berserk when they are at low health. The skill could be maxed at 5 points for a total chance of 2.5% to proc Berserk under the required circumstances.

The issue for players until this point has been this: our skill code doesn't currently display half-points. The skill in question had originally been designed to max out at a higher proc percentage prior to testing, at which point we found it was occurring far too often. In scaling it back, we made a shortsighted decision and were left with the confusing messaging. Players could spend a skill point in Berserker's Rage and would gain 0.5%, but the skill would display 0 in spite of this.

Our solution in update 2.4.3 is as follows:

  • Berserker's Rage will now max out at a 2% chance to cast Berserk at low health;
  • Each point of Berserker's Rage will now cost 2 skill points each, for a maximum of 4 total skill points to max out the skill;
  • Players who have already spent 5 points in the skill will have the skill maxed out after updating, and will have one skill point refunded;
  • Players who have spent 3 points in the skill will have one point in Berserker's Rage after updating, and will have one skill point refunded;
  • Players who have spent 1 point in the skill will have that skill point refunded after updating
We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused and appreciate all of our players who've reported the issue and expressed their frustration with it. We felt this was the best solution to the problem, in that it would have the most minimal impact on players.

Thanks as always for your support, everyone. Happy dashing!


  1. Not sure if this was intended, but using the berserk spell multiple times (cdr build) and then using Blade Ring makes for some glitchy looking stuff. It was definitely fun to see. Similar interactions with Holy+Berserk (full screen laser beam). I started playing a few days ago so I wasn't sure if this was intended or not.

    1. Thanks for the reply! Also, I think there might be a bug with Rulebreaker's charm in the daily dungeon. I tried using it by tapping it but no response. The active conditions at the time were Dehydration and No spells. The charm said "Active" on the icon in the bottom left but I still could not see my spells.

  2. I think it would be fun to be able to equip sets of legendary gear. It's kind of disappointing only to be able to use one at the time when you could just equip a legendary armor sword and ring. We grind to get them it should be our right and reward to be able to equip them since we put so much time to get these particular items don't you think?

  3. For the last few months now the Pocket Watch in the Gear section still has not been fixed. It says it'll give you +46 Speed AND +57 Attack, when really it lowers attack by 57, so therefore it should be -57 Attack. Made the mistake buying it awhile back and I dont want to see any new Dashers purchase the item with their hopes up but in return get not what they wanted.

    1. Attack is attack speed, so you want to be lower. Its an improvement so it's better so it's +, but when its on the character its lower cause lower is better. It's confusing lol.