Monday, 15 August 2016

Update 2.4.2 Overview

Update 2.4.2 of Dash Quest went live on Android on Thursday night and is currently in review for iOS,  and it's a big one! A small overview of features in the Google Play Store update list isn't enough to capture all this patch had to offer, so instead we're dedicating a whole weekly blog post to it. What is new in this patch? Lets break it down, point by point!

Classic Mode Revamp

Don't panic! We aren't doing a full overhaul of classic mode. The great arcade style feel and Endless Runner RPG aesthetic is staying right where it is, but that isn't to say we can't improve on it! As you play through Classic Mode you'll immediately notice a change. Dash now runs out of his house at the start of Goblin Hills, and faces off against the Goblin King outside his own hut deep within the Goblin Camp. These new "entrance" and "exit" areas can also be found in Dark Forest and Gloom Caverns, to add a fresh look and bring a bit more character to your gameplay experience.

You'll also notice random events to help the game world feel more alive. You might be swarmed by a colony of bats flying overhead before they swoop down and attack in Dark Forest, or contend with a wave of oozes while blocked by an obstacle in Gloom Caverns. These events have a chance to randomly occur and are unique to each of the stages they appear in.

This is only the start! In the future, we'll be adding more visual flair and random events to the levels in Classic Mode to improve look, feel and player experience, no matter how many times they defeat the Lich.

Also, as some of our players may be aware, we refactoring enemy levels and difficulty a couple of updates ago, and it became clear to us based on your feedback that things were skewing more difficult than we'd intended. As such, we've made some adjustments to difficult and enemy scaling in Classic Mode to hopefully make it feel a little closer to "original recipe" Dash Quest.

New Items

We've added two mid-tier weapons and two new Legendary gear items to the game:

  • Inferno Scythe
  • Chilling Club
  • Trinity Bangle
  • Shield of the Paladin
Our intent is to continue adding items for high-level characters to experiment with, but we also want to address some gaps in the level progression path with gear that's seeded into earlier level ranges. We have new players installing the game every day, and we want to ensure that everyone is getting the best "first game" experience possible.

Quest System

Dash Quest has had a quest system since the game launched, but it was limited and not especially interesting. The new quest system follows a daily system, inspired by the daily task system that we used in Tap Smiths. The new system in the game is intended as a starting point, and we feel it's more simple, sleek and rewarding, and unlike the Tap Smiths quest system, you can still take advantage of these daily tasks without an internet or wi-fi connection.

What new challenges would you like to see appear in the updated quest system? Head over to our Facebook, Reddit or our forums to let us know what you think of the change and where you would like to see it go!


We'd like to take this opportunity to once again apologize to any players who have had issues losing their save files when updating on Android. For those players affected, thank you for your willingness to reach out with reports and details on your situations and for your efforts in helping us try to find a resolution. We greatly appreciate the patience and the continued support of our amazing Dash Quest players.


  1. I did spot a bug in the Daily Dungeon shop, when you talk to the merchant. Grey lines don't fit the boxes of the items :)

  2. sir.i tried reinstalling the game on my iphone did work before the update but when i updated it,the game crashes before it starts.please do work on this one.

    1. There is a known issues with Dash Quest no longer working on some iPhone 4 devices. It seems to be an issue with unity and compatibility.

  3. Hi guys, I have a question: can I get the progress from a phone to another one if I played with the same google play account?

    1. Yes you can. Make sure you are logged into your google play account, then when you load up the game in the new phone wait a few seconds. If you don't get a popup asking you if you'd like to restore old data, click on the options (gear icon, top right hand corner) and press "Restore Data" or "Sync Data" (Depending on the game a version)

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