Friday, 9 September 2016

Dash Quest 2.5.0: Notes

Dash Quest Update 2.5.0 will be available later today (09/09/2016) on both platforms, and will add some new new content and features. Let's take a closer look at what to expect, shall we?

New Dungeon

Haunted Cemetery will go into the Daily Dungeon rotation, marking our first new Dungeon area in several weeks. This new area features:

  • Interior and exterior locations with transitions between each;
  • A new condition, Curse - certain enemies will inflict Curse with their attacks, causing the player to take extra damage based on the severity of the condition. These attacks can be blocked, or players can use Sacred Charms to decrease Curse effects;
  • A new Dungeon shop item, the Sacred Chime - call down a Holy Smite attack from above to hit several enemies;
  • New enemies, including Acolytes, Ghost Goblins and Infernal Knights
New Boss

Update 2.5.0 includes our first new boss since Dash Quest was released: the Wraith. This otherworldly lady can melee attack with her blade arms, launch Cursed projectile attacks, or summon undead minions to plague our hero. She also has the ability to regenerate her health! Players who check out the Haunted Cemetery Dungeon will get a chance to face off against this new foe.

Updated Revive Mechanics

We've made the Revive window a bit more fun to look at and have added a bit of urgency; there's now a ten second counter on your revive opportunity. Players can still watch ads to revive, but we've also added in an Epic Coin buyout option for those players who are in a hurry or who find themselves with a surplus of those purple coins. 

Choosing to revive will now also grant players a boost. These brief bonuses will provide positive effects once your resurrect, including bonus damage, bonus gold, or other goodies.

We've introduced a Key Item tied to the revive mechanic, as well: the Fairy's Blessing. Existing players who've defeated the Goblin King should receive this item automatically, and for those of you who've been playing Dash Quest for a while, nothing will change due to this item's introduction. Our hope was to give new players a bit more explanation about the revive concept and tie it more closely to the game world. We'll be looking to make similar tweaks to other tried and true game mechanics along these lines in future updates.


The last major addition with 2.5.0 are runes. During your next run through Gloom Caverns, you'll acquire a Rune Tablet and a sample rune to equip. You'll find a new Runes button on the character screen where you can get a look at your equipped runes.

There are four different types of runes at launch: Mana, Health, Intelligence and Damage. Each of these runes can be found at different levels of quality, which will impact the affected stat by accordingly better or worse degrees. There are also common and epic rarities, with greater bonuses for epics. 

If you've equipped a rune and want to replace it with a new one, you can do so, but be careful: equipping a new rune in a slot that's already occupied will destroy the previous rune! Choose wisely! Runes, currently, will also be destroyed when a player chooses to gain a Legend level.

There are no current limits on which rune types can be equipped in each slot, so you can customize your gameplay experience as you see fit. Are you a power gaming mage? Load up on Intelligence or Mana runes, or maybe a combination of each. Is your character a heavy hitter? Stack up the best Damage runs you can find. If you prefer a more balanced approach, mix and match.

Where do players get these runes? All enemies will have a chance to drop a random rune when they are defeated, but more powerful enemies will have a greater chance to do so. Bosses, of course, will have the highest chance to not only drop a rune, but drop a rune of greater quality. 

We'll be introducing new types of runes, new levels of rarity, and runes with unique characteristics in future updates, as well as new ways to acquire them. We wanted to introduce them and whet players' appetites, but we hope to be able to provide a lot of variety with this system going forward.

As always, we've included some small bug fixes and tweaks along with new content and features, but that covers the major additions for 2.5.0. Thanks for playing and happy dashing!


  1. Why are runes so rare. :( and are they even worth grinding for?

  2. Why are runes so rare :( are they even worth the grind (reply to this one sorry for double post)

  3. Ok so I made it where the bull is purple with 2 horns and a 17 next to it and I can probably go forever but my games super laggy should I stop or keep going

  4. Sup! I just wanna ask if there is way to transfer progress from one smartphone to another. I just got new device and don't really feel like starting all over again.

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  6. What do artifact pieces you find in the fountain do? I obtaines upgrade "piece" did nothing please dont tell me its not implemented yet i spent epic coins..

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    2. Hi, do you remember the exact name of the item you got?

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    4. Hydra Fang and Blade of Sagas

  7. Hello the only negatives of this update for me the wipe of my char and that i cant find a way to acces the world map while already having the key item needet

  8. How do you gain acess to cave in deadly marsh or is that for decorartion looks,ive completed 100 percent on world map,

  9. How do you gain acess to cave in deadly marsh or is that for decorartion looks,ive completed 100 percent on world map,

  10. Completed the Story Mode several times but still cannot get Explorer Compass. Is it the known issue? Grandpa give me a lot of things in the last booth but no compass :(

  11. Hi :-)
    Since the 2.4.3 update the game does not want to launch on my iphone 4. I waited for the next update but nothing changed :-(
    The game is loading the main menu, with the logo and then go back to the "lobby" of the phone.
    I cannot play your fantastic game. Plus, I paid for the xp boost.
    I hope you could help me with my problem
    Have a nice day ;-)

  12. Hi I just become legend 2 and got only 2 perk points, I was level 100. ??

  13. i have like 2 or 3 months playing dash quest (yeah is good i love it) but in every daily dungeon i pass like 200 lvl and the legendary gears: shield of paladin and trinity bangle doesnt appear in the chest, yeah i spent epic coins to obtain it but never appear... is it a bug?

  14. Okay, first of: great game, playing it ever since.
    But I experience major bugs on my HTC e8. Let's go one by one:

    1. I'm currently Legend level 19, going for 20. How's that possible, when you say it stops at 10??!

    2. I'm dashing with a killer combo of fire, lightning and hydra (from the perks) and reach to classic mode iteration 5, 6 and possibly even higher. However, as soon as I get that high, the monsters become so numerous that it overwhelmes my device.

    3. When ever I legend, the runes are not destroyed. My runes are stacking up like crazy.

    4. Sometimes, and probably by pressing "haste" continuously, the game becomes extremely fast and somewhat selfrunning. It's difficult to describe. In gloom cavern, I sometimes fight the ooze queen, while still running. Sometimes with prior stopping, sometimes without. Weird. Same happens in haunted forest and in the swamp, but not as frequent and usually only in high iterations, people skull and up.

    5. Same, as in 4, can also happen in the dungeons. Here however, it changes the reward events after 3333m, 6666m and 10000m. They are sometimes simply not displayed, though I believe they are received. And I also dash ultra fast at some point, less than 5 seconds for a single stage.

    Ah well, my 5 cents, hope it helps

    1. 1. Legending up to 10 gives you additional bonuses, they are planning on adding more for further levels. Nevertheless, you can keep legending your perks after that.
      2. I don't have any problems with lag, samsung galaxy S4.
      3. Runes don't get destroyed when you legend, I don't know if it's a bug or not, but it really helps out. xD
      4. Never experienced this.
      5. They fixed this, now you get a popup at each prize.

  15. Hi, I've some bugs to report.

    1) Haste acts oddly if you re-cast it before it's over. Specifically, the 'haste arrow' visual effect goes away whenever the first Haste spell ends, leaving you with no real way except by trying to watch teh surrounding terrain to determine when the spell is actually over.

    2) Berserk (the spell) seems to do literally nothing at all when cast.

    3) Two iterations of "Charge Speed -250" are exactly the same as one iteration thereof in terms of actual time-to-charge. (Specifically, Rune Blade and Hero's Garb don't appear to stack.)

    4) If you have a +Size effect (in this case, from the Heroic Pendant (If I remember the name correct; gives +25 Size), it appears to make your Charge attack slightly bigger. If you subsequently cast Remedy, it seems to cancel that Charge-related effect. But that might just be some sort of perceptual illusion, as I've thus far only tested it while under a sandstorm. :)


  16. The arrow game is extremely hard and unnesiscary. I'm trying to get 100% and the arrow game is stopping me. I really don't know why it is needed as it has nothing to do with everything else. Please make it to where it is meaningless and has no reward, make it easier, or just remove it.
    Big fan btw